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One of the concerns in this week’s episode is about the baby. Below are some round ups about McBaby!

Shonda answered a question concerning the baby from TV Line:

TVLINE | Mer’s pregnancy – why do I have this sinking feeling that it’s all building to a “Love’s Labor Lost” kind of climax? You have a bad feeling because everybody thinks I kill everybody all the time. That’s why you have a bad feeling. [Laughs] And that works to an advantage, because the audience takes it very seriously that things could happen. But in my mind I feel like we have this storyline about this person who wasn’t necessarily meant to get pregnant, but did — and is now very worried for herself. We’re going to be watching this. We have a lovely storyline planned, and I think it’s going to be very beautiful for Meredith and Derek. I hope the audience is along for the ride.


There’s more to this Q&A, please click the source link!

And here’s what Shonda told TV Guide:

“I would like to point out that while I find promos to be awesome… I have nothing to do with the way the promos are cut, so I do not make the promos,” Rhimes tells TVGuide.com. “The reason you all fear that I’m going to kill McBaby is because you guys think I kill everybody, even though I don’t. I only kill some characters as necessary on a story basis.”


For more on both these articles, check out the source links then come back and let’s talk about it!

Sounds like all is well with the baby!


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  1. Mcbaby will be fine! Can’t wait for what’s coming up for MerDer. :mrgreen:

  2. I think McBaby will be fine too. Can’t wait to see what the lovely storyline is for MerDer. My favorite couple in TV history!

  3. Oh no…”lovely storyline” & “…going to be very beautiful…”. Poor Mer/Der & McBaby, we all know that Shonda’s idea of this is usually totally different than ours! But I’ll keep on hoping… ;-)

    • @olegreymer, I’d say the same… but I read an interview where she talked about the casting of ‘mcbaby’ and said she couldn’t promise der’s hair and mer’s nose because its not actually ‘theirs’ (the actors) but that it would be very cute… so I think I feel pretty confident about this but i try not to feel too confident about anything on greys :)

  4. McBaby will be fine, sure there will be hiccup’s along the way as it part and parcel to believe that with Mer’s history.
    In the end baby will be born and i’ll say either epi 23 or 24 or they may even hold it off and make it the cliffhanger and season 10 will open with the birth.

  5. I know I must be the only one who feels this way but I would be okay with Mcbaby not surviving…. I was so dissapointed in epi 07 when Mer was the one pregnant and not April, I was like: where the hell did that come from? I thought she had a hostile womb or couldn’t conceive or something??? I was totally rooting for a green-eyed Japril baby!!! Instead Shonda is just messing them up…

    • @anels, that whole episode was foreshadowing, i think even blind freddy would of picked that meredith was gonna be the one pregnant.

  6. I AM A GREYS FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!!!! I’M A GREYS JUNKIE! :mrgreen: :lol: !!!!