Hey Gabblers!

There are a lot of pictures turning up on Twitter of the cast that’s currently shooting on location! See below the cut if you’re interested!

(Source|tylerpiscitello on Instagram)

(Source|sarine22 on Instagram)

(Source|PatrickDempsey on Twitter)

(Source|CaRBFan on Twitter)

Interesting set of pictures! We know that they are in the process of filming episode 16.

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  1. Meredith still lokasi pregnant so all is good..

  2. Meredith still looks pregnant so all is good

  3. Is this more of the plane crash SL?

    Mer’s still pregnant. :grin:

  4. Ellen and the baby bump! And Patrick looks so hot in a suit.

  5. So glad Mer is still pregnant. They can’t kill McBaby! Patrick always looks super hot to me!