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Hey Gabblers!

Ausiello answered questions about GA & Scandal! See below the cut if you’re interested!

GA Scoop:

Question: I’m kind of loving Jo/Alex on Grey’s Anatomy, but I think it’s time they stop being polite and start getting it on. She bought him a couch for chrissakes!  —Carrie Ausiello: I’m right there with you, Carrie! It’s Shonda Rhimes that remains on the fence. Elaborarting on what she told me about the pair earlier in the week, Rhimes says, “I don’t know that you will see one of them cross the line. I’ve been watching this thing build. And I feel like we want the build to feel natural and real and not to have it go too fast. And not to feel engineered. I’m just watching their chemistry and enjoying them together. Right now, we’re just leaning into it and seeing where it goes.”

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Ausiello also answered a question about Scandal. To read the Q & A, click HERE!

A few things have crossed my mind concerning Alex & Jo but we would love to hear your thoughts!

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