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Shonda talked to The Hollywood Reporter and here is an excerpt of what she had to say!

After signing divorce papers to remove the conflict of interest so Cristina (Sandra Oh) and the rest of the plane crash survivors would be eligible for a settlement, the couple has found a road back to happiness, even though she recently moved in to Meredith’s Alex’s house.

“I wouldn’t say that there’s hope for them returning to firehouse as a couple because I actually gave the word we could dismantle that set,” showrunner Shonda Rhimes tells The Hollywood Reporter. “But they are genuinely happy and their happiness doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be in the firehouse. The firehouse is a place of their past; a lot of painful things happened there.”


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What do you think Gabblers? Before it’s all said and done do you think Cristina and Owen will find their way back to each other?

Speculate Below!

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  1. Shonda, for the love of God stop talking about Cristina and Owen!

    You have ruined them with your own political agendas!You have no idea what feminism is and all you can to is to trash men unless he is called Mcdreamy! Enough is enough!

  2. Crowen – same drama over and over again.

  3. Option 1) Owen will die.
    Option 2) Owen will go back to Iraq.

    I’ve shed all my tears for CO.. now I’m OUT.
    If we thought that the saddest time for CO was already behind us, we were mistaken.
    I agree with @sunflower about Shonda’s political agenda.
    I get it, Shonda, you are a spokeswoman for the PRO-CHOICE choice.
    I agree, I believe in protecting and supporting a woman’s right to choose.
    But do you really have to portray every single horrible gut-wrenching case scenario in your TVshows? :|
    She destroyed an amazing couple, with so much potential for storylines. Why did she have to do that? Why to CO?
    She had sort of already gone down that road, with Addison and Mark back in the days, so there was no point in using that storyline again.

    If she really wanted to make a statement about that situation, she could have gone more in depth with Addison/Mark story of abortion.

    Yes, Cristina doesn’t want kids. GOT IT. Don’t you think we got it? GOT IT. GOT IT. But it IS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT that she is Cristina.
    It’s a choice. It doesn’t depend on your character, if you are all sweet and gooey, if you are hardcore.

    Shonda is tripping over her own train of thoughts.
    She IS saying that a strong career oriented woman CANNOT WANT kids. That’s a big stereotype.
    Izzie could just as well being someone that would not have wanted kids. Or Beth (Owen’s ex). Or Lexie.

    KMK contract is up at the end of this season and both Kevin and Sandra have said that they don’t want to work with anyone else (when it comes to relationship storylines) so..

    • @Laura.Regency, only I want to say, I hate Shonda!! I hate this woman to keep torturing CO fans! :twisted:
      Please you stay with us!! don’t go if KMK agrees to renew the contract to S10

      • @tonywife, I’m sadly…hooked to the Gre’ys anatomy ferryboat. It’s worse than cigarettes. So hard to kick this habit.
        (I meant that I’m out of tears ;) I’ve cried them all! :cry: )

        • @Laura.Regency,

          Me, too, no more tears left to cry. I always imagine what their baby boy or baby girl would have looked like. I have read such a nice prayer of an aborted baby talking to his/her mum and forgiving him/her, I am totally wrecked.

  4. I hope Kevin leaves Greys after this season!
    i know he must take care of family, and it is currently difficult to get a decent job in TV showbusiness,but every season there are so many new shows and the actor of his calibre should have no problems of getting a role,even leading role. Didn´t Kim Raver and Eric Dane both find jobs after Greys?
    Moreover, on a different show he would have a great shot at being recognised by critics, even a chance of an award. Rome series was nominated for a Golden Globe! Greys is behind its limits. Writing is bad.

    • @sunflower, Mostly I think that he is underpaied at Grey’s!! He gets paid just ONE million $ each season! Sandra, Patrick, Ellen are up to EIGHT !!!! :shock:

  5. What?! Are you serious? 1 million and they get 8?
    I didn´t know there is such a huge difference.
    This world is one unfair place. I realise they have been there since Season 1, but it is still a fact that he is underpaid. Now I truly hope he leaves, he deserves more not just money-wise but character-wise, too.