UPDATED!!! SNEAK PEEKS: Grey’s Anatomy & Scandal!

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Hey Gabblers!

Here are the sneak peeks that have been released so far!

More will be added as they become available, so be sure to check back!

Grey’s Anatomy – 9.14 – The Face of Change

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Scandal – 2.13 – Nobody Likes Babies

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Sneak Peek #2

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Sneak Peek #3


Sneak Peek #4



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  1. Sigh…the writing is on the wall and I want to bang my head up against it. I can not believe that Jo is going to be Karev’s happily ever after. Soooo annoying. And I don’t find the animal noises cute/funny. Karev looks like a friggin idiot. He is way too bad ass for that. Why are the writer’s ruining this character? Justin Chambers deserves better. He deserves…I don’t know…AN ADULT ROMANCE! Not an after school special with this infant.

    Oh and the Scandal sneak has me squealing!! You go Fitz! Even though there is no way (even in Shondaland) he can divorce her – him putting on his serious face was awesome and HOT!!

    • @GottaHaveEmAll,
      Sooo agree with you! I love Alex and I hate, HATE what they are doing to him. Alex and Jo are as awkward as, I don’t know, Izzie and George? No. At least they had chemistry. Alex and Jo are a trainwreck in the making. Square pegs in round holes and all of that…

  2. GA: Alex and Jo are insane! LOL But I love them together. Can definitely see them being more than friends down the line, but right now they’ve got a good thing going. And might I just add that Crowen married or not, they have managed to maintain their animalistic natures lol Geez. Totally wanna see how the staff is gonna save that kid with Captain Bring Down (Dr. Cahill) sniffing around.

    Scandal: Oh my word lol Fitz really just doesn’t care anymore. Gonna be a good episode… as always.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks the new face of SGMW will be April and neither of the boys as we expect?

    • @anels, I could see Shonda throwing a curve ball and having April as the new face of SGMW. That’s pretty much all April will be able to do with the ER closing. Be the spokesperson for the hospital. She is not even licensed, right? How is she still practicing medicine?? Or did I miss the episode where she re-took her boards and passed them? At least Owen has the potential to stay on as the Chief of Surgery, even though the ER is closing. But Apes? Non-board certified? Shonda and Co. need to fix that.

  4. Omg, I am embarrassed for Justin and Chamilla for that scene.. not funny or cute at all. It looks beyond forced. Awkward!!! This is really, really bad. And it doesn’t even have to do with their chemistry which in my opinion is non-existent, its just weird. Like a really bad comedy. This definitely lowers the standards of the show. Justin/Alex deserves better than this. He needs a grown up relationship. And is it me, or does Avery seem to have recovered awfully fast from April? The Avery/Stephanie relationship is not working for me. But I’m not invested in either one of them so I font really care. But Alex? For shame Shonda. For Shame.Once again, plausibility goes out the window.

  5. That was an awful scene with the animal noises with Alex and Jo. So stupid!! Not a fan of theirs. No chemistry what so ever.

    Not sure on Jackson and Stephanie. Not a big April fan so am willing to see where it goes but so far not so good.

    I usually love Bailey but am tired of her sarcastic comments to the plane crash survivors. They deserved to win that lawsuit. Mark and Lexie are dead. Arizona lost her leg. Derek had to suffer physical pain and endless surgeries. Bailey has alot of balls commenting. I say comment to Owen. He is the one that signed the papers for the cheapo plane company even though he didn’t know what he was signing and he let 3 attendings go on a plane when there is a clear rule of 2 attendings. Not their fault! Maybe the attendings can pool their money and buy the hospital and bail it out. The new owners!

  6. Is that Derek walking in on them at the end of that sneak peak or shane?

  7. Boring sneaks. April and interns focused? No thanks.

    So embarrassed for Justin, seriously?? Alex is like an immature boy, instead of growing up, he’s like this? Jo as his happily ever after is a joke.

  8. The interns are even worse than I expected, if that’s even possible!! What a way to ruin Mer’s house…please get rid of them. :roll:

  9. I honestly did not expect Shonda to drag things between Jackson and that intern for so many episodes….disappointing!!! I wonder what will it take for that relationship to end. Glad April is getting a new love interest looking foward to seeing a jealous Jackson.

  10. Two things about that Scandal sneak peek from EW, “Say You’ll Wait For Me”:

    1. THAT is what chemistry looks like. Shonda, you know what chemistry looks like, so let’s move on from this Alex/Jo nonsense, ‘kay?

    2. If Liv won’t wait for you Fitz, I will!

    That is all! :smile:

  11. according to some people .. YOU know who YOU are… i comment WAY to much bout Calzona… but… i dont care!! I HOPE THIS EPISODE HAS ALOT OF CALZONA IN IT! PLEASE! bc shonda said b4 valentines day… and bearly anything has happend yet besides 9×10 make out scene