SPOILER: JW Talks Jackson’s New Power

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Hey there, Gabblers!

Check out this interview with Jesse Williams about Jackson’s recent role change at SGMW! This spoiler is below the cut.


When “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 returns next month from its hiatus, it will be doing so with some pretty significant changes … including a man who suddenly has a great deal more power than he ever expected to have at this point in his life in one Jackson Avery. His mother Catherine played a key role in buying Seattle Grace in the eleventh hour, and then, she made a very bold move in appointing her son to be in charge, really regardless of some of the experience he has / doesn’t have. So where does Jackson go from here?

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Any new thoughts about what’s going to happen with Jackson now that his beloved mom has shaken things up with this game changer? What about the rest of the staff? Share your thoughts!

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