What’s Rachael Taylor Up To?

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Hey Gabblers!

Have you been wondering what Rachael Taylor’s been up to? After her short stint on Grey’s Anatomy she went on to take part in a few shows that didn’t last very long!

Now Rachael will be starring in a new pilot along side Gillian Anderson who many know from the beloved “X-Files.”

Sources are confirming that Anderson will be starring in a new drama pilot for “Life’s”  Rand Ravich, which revolves around a world in which powerful men and women are controlled by someone who develops a knack at being a brilliant puppeteer. Anderson is going to play a powerful CEO, whose daughter and classmates end up becoming a victim of mass abudction. Meanwhile, recnetly “666 Park Avenue” star and “Grey’s Anatomy” alum Rachael Taylor will play an FBI agent and Anderson’s sister, who tries to help find a solution to this problem.


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  1. I am SUPER stoked about this news! I really like Rachael Taylor and LOVE LOVE LOVE Gillian! Really hope this show gets picked up.