Tina Majorino’s Haircut

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Hey Gabblers!

Check out what Hairboutique.com had to say about Tina Majorino’s new ‘do:

Before ya’ll start with the “who is she” comments, she was the little girl with the tatoo to dryland on “Waterworld” and she’s been on “Grey’s Anatomy” this season.  This past weeks show she went from this

to this
As much as I adore short hair, this cut doesn’t do it for me (and I know it’s hard to tell in the picture); it looked like a hack job on the show; we’ll see what happens in the next couple of weeks.
What do you think of Tina’s new hairstyle, Gabblers?
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  1. She’s my favorite intern but did not like the cut. I agree that it looks like a hack job. I was upset for her when I saw it and I thought, it could not have been the hair people from Shondaland. They are not neophytes…

    • @Enforce, I agree with you on all fronts. The cut is horrible on her and the color does not work with the cut.

  2. I love the new hairstyle on Tina & she is my favorite new intern! Darker with a few highlights & it looks to be razor cut – but what do I know? I don’t cut/style hair!!! Very cute.

  3. I loved the hair cut and am taking this photo to the hairdresser and hope she can make it look as good as it does on Tina!