UPDATED!!! PROMOs: Grey’s Anatomy & Scandal!

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Hey Gabblers!

Here are the promos!

Grey’s Anatomy – 9.17 – Transplant Wasteland

(Source|MsMoonorchid on YT)

Scandal – 2.16 – Top Of The Hour

(Source|televisionpromos on YT)

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  1. I thought this site was dedicated to Grey’s Anatomy, not Scandal or Private Practice…or Shonda…..just good ol’ Greys? :sad:

    • @Magoo, the website is under new management and the new owners want all Shonda shows incorporated. If all you want to see is all things Grey’s Anatomy…the toolbar to the right is clickable. If you click Grey’s Anatomy (which is right after the Grey’s characters) that will bring up all things Grey’s Anatomy.

    • @Magoo, that should say click “Grey’s Seasons”

  2. Is Greys on a break now when’s the next episode

    • @Annie, yes. New episode should air March 21.

      • @GreysRcksMyWorld, isn’t it march 14? mind you have heard 3 different date’s now lol.

        • @Aussie, according to Betsy Beers new episodes air the 21st. She mentioned it in the latest Scandal podcast.

        • @Aussie, the official press release for the new episode has been it official…new epi March 14!

          • @GreysRcksMyWorld, NOOO!!! I didn’t realize that we were on freakkin’ hiatus again! NOOOO! :sad:

  3. Don’t really care about all the Scandal stuff either…. Why don’t you keep it just Greys?

    • @Nina, there’s a way not to see Scandal stuff…to the right all the things you see in yellow are clickable. If you click Grey’s Anatomy, you will see all things Grey’s Anatomy and nothing Scandal unless they are tied together (i.e. the promos & sneaks).

    • @Nina, that should say click “Grey’s Seasons”

      • @GreysRcksMyWorld, Thanks :smile:

  4. For the record I love having all my favorite shows in one place. Keep up the Scandal and Greys posting! It’s like a collection of Shonda Rhimes. lol