GA & Scandal Need Your Votes!

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Hey, folks!

In a previous post, we mentioned TV Guide’s Fan Favorite Awards and that MerDer is in the running for best couple. But it looks like they are not the only Shondaland nominees that are in need of your votes! Here’s a look at the categories where both ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and/or ‘Scandal’ are represented!


Drama – Scandal

Actress – Kerry Washington

Couple – Meredith/Derek, Olivia/Fitz

Ensemble – Scandal

To see view the full ballot & to cast your vote, visit the source site below!

(Source|TV Guide Magazine via fb)

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition. But, sometimes I hate to see Shondaland characters/shows have to compete against one another :/ I’m still gonna vote though ;) What about you?

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  1. Voted MerDer! I hope they win