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Hey, folks!

Attention all ‘Scandal’ fans! Here’s a some information you might be interested in!


(Source|Gladiator in Harlem via Twitter)


ABC’s hit show “Scandal” brought us together on Thursday nights at 10/9c in front of the TV and on Twitter.  There GLADIATORS – the fans of “Scandal” – became a family! We tweet together, laugh together, cry together, ship Olitz together, hashtag together and #AskScandal together…SO WHY NOT GET TOGETHER!

1st Annual Nationwide “GLADIATORSunite Scandal Meet-Up”
May 24-27, 2013 (Memorial Day Weekend)
New York City

**First 50 names to Register will be put into a pool and ONE name will be drawn to see who is eligible to win a Scandal Gift basket from ABC Publicity

For more info, please make sure to visit the source site below!


Confession time- I have, admittedly, on more than one occasion participated in meet ups of this sort for more than one favorite show of mine :P There’s nothing like meeting other fans of shows you love in a comfortable and safe environment!  Have you ever participated in something like this?

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