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Hey, folks!

We’ve got a little something something to share with you about a certain someone who may or may not be up to something on ‘Scandal’! Did ya catch that? :) It’s a spoiler, so it’s below the cut.


With some upcoming “Scandal” season 2 episodes being more of the standalone variety, this does allow for some more opportunities for there to be episodes that focus more on some individual characters … including a certain someone who has quite a story to tell.

According to a new report from SpoilerTV, the 17th episode of the show (which will presumably air on March 28 pending a last-second switch) will be referred to as “Snake in the Garden.” If you recall from earlier this season, Mellie used almost these words verbatim in order to describe Hollis, and with that in mind it’s pretty difficult to really figure out just who else this could even be a reference to.

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So, any thoughts?

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