SPOILER: Quinn Gets _______

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Hey again, Gabblers!

Check out this info about what we can expect to see coming up on ‘Scandal’! It’s spoiler-y, so it’s below the cut :)


Scandal season 2 Quinn to get majorly fierce,tough as Olivia & more,new spoiler. According to a new spoilery tease from E! Online’s recent spoiler chat session, we’re about to see newbie Quinn get her fierce game on just like Olivia in one of these upcoming “Revenge” season 2 episodes. And not just a little bit as she’s being described as super sassy in this spoiler tease.

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Oh, I can totally see this happening!

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  1. Sassy Quinn, huh? We got a preview of that when she went off on Abby – “My name is NOT Lindsey!” Although Harrison had THE line of the episode that followed and it went down in Twitter-history — “I’m Quinn bitch!” Pure awesomeness..

    • LOL