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Hey Gabblers!

Here’s the latest on Scandal see under the cut if you are interested

Question: Not loving this Scandal hiatus. Not loving it at all. Gimme something to tied me over until March 21. —Jay
Ausiello: Jake will start showing his true colors. And they are multiple shades of extremely freakin’ dark.

(Source | TV Line)


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  1. Hey there! FABULOUS for your first post & I love the name you use! I actually sent you a Welcome email the first day I knew you were coming aboard but it bounced back! Boo! I do think I have your correct email so I’ll try another but I wanted you to know that I here great things about you and just excited to have you on our team!

  2. Welcome AllSmiles! Thanks for the Scandal update – not enough to tide me over, but we don’t have much of a choice! :smile: