The Men of GA Special

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Hey Gabblers!

Anything appreciating the men of Grey’s Anatomy is pretty special in our books. So four for you, Entertainment Focus! You go, Entertainment Focus!

Grey’s Anatomy has held a special place in our hearts for the past 9 years and part of the reason for that has been the hot doctors.

Now in the midst of its ninth season on Sky Living, the show still boasts a bevvy of hot doctors. We wouldn’t mind taking advantage of the bedside manners of Dr Avery (Jesse Williams), Dr Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), Dr Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Dr Karev (Justin Chambers).

We think the show has been on top form this year with the game-changer of the hospital being up for sale changing the whole dynamic.

You can tune into the show on Wednesdays at 10pm. Before that though have a drool with some lovely images of the hot doctors…


(Source|Entertainment Focus)

Click here for more swoon-worthy pictures of the men of Seattle Grace!

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