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Check out what Natalie at TV Guide had to say on this! It could be considered some what spoiler-y! See below!

Could love be in the air for Alex and Jo?

Aside from the hospital having to close its doors, that’s been the big question on Grey’s Anatomy this season as Alex (Justin Chambers) has grown closer to intern Jo (Camilla Luddington) — whom, to be honest, many fans hated in the beginning of the season. But with the help of Alex, Jo has gone from an amalgamation of the worst traits of the Fab Five to settling into a less neurotic character that we could maybe, possibly get on board with.

“There could be something more,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes says of their relationship and adds that the writers have been calibrating the chemistry between the pair to see if they will make for a good couple. “The two of them are great together. They have this really great energy.”

(Source|TV Guide)

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I’m not sure just yet how I feel about the pairing! Alex is my favorite GA character and I feel like he’s heading in the right direction and trying really hard to be about his grown man business! I think that Jo is young and has a lot of growing to do! I don’t think she needs to be focused on a relationship right now!


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  1. No, Shonda they do not have a great energy. Initially, I thought – Okay, they have a little bromance going on, a Mer/Alex Part Deux. This “Jolex” thing is more like a redux….and not a delicious wine reduction either. Its the burnt goo that happens when you’ve simmered all the flavor out. I don’t even want them as friends. Can we please have an adult for Alex? Please?? Pretty please???

  2. I honestly think that they are great for each-other. There have not been many females in Greys that can hang with Karev but Jo can. I think that they play off of each other really well too. I think that jo does have some growing up to do but woman are usually more mentally adult then men are and I think that as long as she has lost that whiney poor me crap…. they will work together as a great and entertaining couple!!!!!!