GA Plot Points: Enough Already!

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Yo! Gabblers!

So have you ever thought any of GA’s storylines and plots to be redundant and overused? Well, seems like ‘WetPaint’ sure does! Check it out!


Listen, we love Grey’s Anatomy. But any show in its ninth season is going to suffer from a bit of repetition, and there are definitely a few plot points we’d love to see the show take a break from for a while.

So in the spirit of constructive criticism, here are a couple of storylines we’re hoping the Grey’s writers will give a rest…

Read what their choices are by clicking on the source link below! Don’t forget to come back and comment!


Ouch! But I can understand their point of view. It’s hard to continue on with a show when you feel like there are too many reused themes. I guess it starts to get boring. Any thoughts? Agree or disagree?

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  1. I just watched “Monday Mornings” and I think it would do Shonda good to take a look at that show. She needs to stop boring us with old stories that aren’t very interesting. I’m tired of the story about the crash…It happen!!! Lets move on!!! And of all the people to be buying the Hospital she picks “Avery”. He don’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. But SR seems to love the actress who plays his mom so I guess she had to figure out a way to make a big story about Avery and Mom. I like “Avery” but I’m not inlove with him. SR needs to go back to the story telling that made this show a must see.

    • @Debbie Holland, I’ve watched Monday Mornings since it started and I think it has gotten better and better. But I have to say that they very first episode felt all to familiar to me with the Grey’s references. There was the doctor they called ’007′ (George), the saving of a dog (like Izzie saving a deer), the blonde male doctor that I think it’s supposed to be a younger version of McDreamy (but fails) and I could have sworn I saw Bokey in the OR. Oh, and the mother of the kid that died played one of Alex’s one night stands last season. Other than that, I think MM is a smarter, more focused show. The emphasis is on the medicine and the personal drama is peripheral to that. I think Grey’s could use some re-focusing. And about Avery, agreed 200%!

  2. Absolute garbage from Wet Paint as usual. It’s a show about hospitals and relationships and work colleagues. People are gonna die (it’s a hospital) and they’re gonna leave (relationships and work colleagues).

    Please don’t post Wet Paint articles they really are the most awful bits of writing to infect the internet.

  3. The points are valid but the analysis is underwhelming. On guests that are brought in and die, I agree it needs to stop. But to refer to Cristina’s mentor as the most recent? Did we forget about Adele who died even more recently? Well, Wetpaint often falls short on their delivery. It’s like they try to stay relevant so they come up with the most insipid, vapid, little stories.