Seriously Grey’s Throwdown Podcast!

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Hey Gabblers!

Have you heard the podcast? The Ladies/Owners of GG (Lisa & Liv) participated in a “test your knowledge of Grey’s Anatomy” trivia showdown versus the Ladies (Amanda & Kay) of the Seriously Grey’s Podcast!



This is the recording of what and how it went down. Guest host, Sam, had the honor of moderating the competition which was fraught with alcohol, candy, and Cheetos.

Seriously Grey’s Showdown Podcast

The format was as follows: Three rounds of five “trauma” questions. The team that answered the trauma question correctly, got to go to the OR to score points. The team that lost the trauma question could call for the crash cart if the winning team missed points in the OR, but if the crash cart team also missed them, they would lose the points. After each round, there was a Whipple challenge. The last question was a final wager.


If you want to laugh and laugh hard for 2 hours, I suggest you click the “Seriously Grey’s Showdown Podcast” and take a listen!

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