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Huffington Post would like to know if Jackson Avery can stand on his own two feet as boss. Here’s a little of the article.


On “Grey’s Anatomy,” Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is boss.

The plastic surgeon is now on the board at Seattle Grace, after his mom Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) bought him a hospital — and there is going to be a lot of adjusting around the hospital.

Jesse Williams, who has been on “Grey’s Anatomy” for four seasons now, chatted with The Huffington Post about who’s butting heads with Avery, “psychologically getting beaten up,” whether or not there’s hope for him and April (Sarah Drew) and much more below.

Check out the rest of this interview by clicking the source link below! P.S. The actual article itself is kinda spoiler-ish, so be forewarned.

(Source|HuffPost TV)

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