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Hello Fans of Grey’s,

Here is a must read article from The Hollywood Reporter!!!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Jesse Williams on Jackson’s Personal, Professional Battle

The Hollywood Reporter: How will Jackson handle the new responsibility that his mother has thrust upon him?
Jesse Williams: It’s a lot for him to take on at once; he didn’t ask for it. The source of it is going to feed into how he handles it. It’s a huge and unprecedented for him that he never saw in his near- or possibly even long-term future and it’s happening as a result of something he had no control over — his family legacy. That becomes a bitter pill for him to swallow. For a long time, he’s been trying to avoid that. It’s going to lead to some friction both personally and with his co-workers, where it becomes difficult to oversee the staff and the decisions that have to be made by the board of directors with Jackson being the deciding vote. It’s a big undertaking that’s a lot to take on for anybody, even with a running start and he didn’t have the luxury of that.


Jesse has a lot to say, visit the source link to read more!

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  1. I must say that Mr. Williams gives really good interviews. He answered the questions to the best of his ability but I also got the sense that he understands where the storyline is going and how he’s to handle it!

    I can’t see him staying in this role long term but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds.