Seriously Grey’s Podcast: Paying Debts!

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Hey Gabblers!

Remember the Trivia Showdown Lisa & Liv participated in? Well, there were some individuals that happened to bet against the Ladies and are now paying their debts by way of apologies! Here are some snippets!

Dear Lisa & Liv, amazing Grey’s Gabblers or GGs as we all know now you love to name yourself.

Time to pay my debt.

I’m here today trying to explain, in my very broken English, my deep and warm and infinite LOVE for Grey’s Anatomy world, that includes of course not only the show per se but also everything and everyone related or involved with it. Starting with the fellow fandom and all the fabulous amazing and beautiful people I get to know through it, the TSGpodcast, the GG site and Sam, Pam and the whole GreysBar which is one of the best place in the whole world where little and/or big relaxed but pretty badass fantastic discussions can happen at every hour of the day or the night and that are always able to cheer you up and give you lots of unforgettable fun 24/7. The same place where our love took all of us regulars to make both silly and/or tough bets on Grey’s world invented/created by the fabulous Sam! Are all shades of our passion and deep love, we are willing to explore every place for Grey’s and live its magic 360 degrees every time and have so much fun for it. We talk of Grey’s we talk through Grey’s we talk about it, for it, with it and about us.

Ant @awesomegreys


Dear Lisa & Liv:

What can I say?  I am a loser, not to be mistaken for hoser.  A hoser is a honourable name, one bestowed on wonderful Canadians like Amanda & Kay, those hosers who comprise TSG.  In my defense, I had to stick with the maple brigade.

I love all things Greys, except the losing.  So I bow to your ultimate knowledge and wisdom in all things Greys as evidenced by your win in the throw-down and blogging, posting, etc on Grey’s Gabble.  Please know that I have utmost respect for you both in your venerable awesomeness.

Bonnie (the Bouncer)


Anni apologizes to GG.

*clears throat and speaks in best announcer voice…more like a newscast announcer, than a sports game announcer* Dearest Grey’s Gabblers.

To say I am addicted to Grey’s Anatomy is an understatement.  I live and breathe Grey’s Anatomy. It is my bible. My gambling addiction? Well, that’s all Sam’s fault. Enough said.

I am very sorry for doubting your ability to win this competition. I didn’t think you two would be the Gunther, but you proved me wrong. I voted against you two, because I know Kay and Amanda better (we’ve communicated more). But I’d love to get to know you two! I am writing this apology letter because Sam is making me. Yes, she has a gun to my head….

Anni Amelia.


 Simak’s Head-over-Heart apology to GG

Dear Lisa & Liv!

Like most of us, I live and breathe Greys – 24×7. Being a self-declared junkie of many years, I’m also a very strong believer that there can be one SHOW and one SHOW alone and that is Greys. Being superbly biased, I have to admit my judgement was severely impaired when I thought,just for a minute, that dedicated Greys folks only know Greys stuff better. My exact words were:”Since GG is diluted with PP and Scandal stuff,my bet is on Pods”. What can I say, I lost the Forest for the Trees.

Having said that, somewhere at the back of my mind, I knew I was making a mistake in judging your extreme multi-tasking capabilities. My head was pounding on me to pick you.



Dear Ladies:

I am so deeply, deeply, deeply sorry for betting against you.

Okay so sometimes, even the best of us make rash decisions – bad decisions. Decisions we pretty much know we’re gonna regret the moment, the minute – especially the morning after…Yet we do it anyway. What I’m saying is; we reap what we sow. What comes around goes around. It’s karma and, any way you slice it, karma sucks. (kind of like having to write this letter at a very late hour, after a very long Monday)

But (as we all know) as we get older, making amends isn’t so simple. After the playground days are over, you can’t just say it, you have to mean it.

I feel terrible. I’m not proud about what I did. You deserve better

Because: You are great. You. Are. Great.

Please accept my sincerest apologies,



Brodie’s Apology to GG

So in this paragraph I’m supposed to give you two my most humble apologises and all that jazz. Well… I’m sorry. I am soo very sorry my loyalties lie with The Seriously Grey’s Podcast and their podcasters. I am so sorry I didn’t have enough faith in you two to bet against them, but now, now I know that next time this throw down happens, or something similar, I know not to bet. At. All. Yes, yes, I know, completely the opposite of what I’m supposed to be writing but I can’t help where my loyalties lie. I can’t! So, lovely Liv and lovely Lisa, I do ask for your forgiveness, but I will not blame you if it is not given.

Peace, love and pogo sticks (or whatever else…peace, love and bouncy balls),


[P.S. Thank you Liv for the lovely, and very helpful tips on how to remove my bra. Still think you should have done it with your teeth.]


This is AWESOME! Though these were apology letters I feel like we all, yes we ALL are winners and that means the TSGPodcast Ladies & their listeners/followers because we are ALL amazing!

To read the full apologies be sure to click each of the source links and they will take you to each apology!

xoxo !Rolling On! xoxo GreysRcksMyWorld