Shonda Would Like Kate & Caterina on GA!

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Hey Gabblers!

Wondering if you will see Addison or Amelia on GA again? Well Shonda would actually like for that to happen!

The prolific showrunner behind recently departed “Private Practice” tells THR that while there are no plans for their return at the moment, she’d like the characters to return to the flagship series.

It’s been nearly two months since Private Practice wrapped its six-season run on ABC and showrunner Shonda Rhimes has plans for stars Kate Walsh and Caterina Scorsone.

“I would love to see Addison back at Seattle Grace at some point for a visit,” Rhimes told The Hollywood Reporter recently of bringing both Walsh and Scorsone back to ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. “I’ve said a million times that before the show ends its run, Addison has got to put on her shoes and scrub cap and come scrub in at the hospital. That’s a given for me.”


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I actually would love to have both Addison & Amelia on GA! I enjoyed both those characters very much!

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  1. Want Amelia she could fit on. Definitely don’t want Addison back. Not that she is a threat to Merder. Just never liked her. On ga or Pp

  2. Why would Addison relocate to pop up in Seattle again, and why would Amy be needed when there’s a perfectly good neuro surgeon there already?
    But Shonda will do this anyway to give GA a big send off.
    I’m more concerned that GA would consider continuing without all the remaining original cast after S10.