UPDATED!!!! Sneak Peeks – Grey’s Anatomy – 9.17 Transplant Wasteland

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Hey Gabblers!

Here’s the first sneak peek that has been released for next week’s episode!

UPDATED – 12-March-2013

UPDATED – 14-March-2013

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  1. Holy. Smokes.

    • @Gotta Have ‘Em All, my reaction exactly.

      Damn Derek. That was cold. I don’t even like Owen any more and still, that was damn cold.

  2. WOW that was intense!! We never see Derek snap like that! But he’s right though, althought it is quite harsch. Owen never really get’s into who’s fault it is…. but then again, yes, he put them on the plane, but how was he to know that the plane would crash?!… Owen has been trying everything he can to keep the place open, so I think they owe him a bit of credit!

    • As harsh as it maybe it’s very much the truth!!! There were cuts that were made and in the process of the cuts that were made (that Owen as Chief signed off on) transportation was a part of that. Due to the cuts when it was time for them to fly to Boise the hospital contracted with a transport service that had a record that was less than stellar. If we give him credit for trying to keep the hospital open, he also has to take the blame for putting them on that plane.

  3. Owen versus his new board of directors was inevitable. But yes, the chain of events bankrupting the hospital began when Owen sent six surgeons on that plane.
    So another chief soon? Avery’s foundation has a bigger say in what goes on in the hospital than any of the other co-owners.

  4. Don’t forget that not only did Owen sign off on the cuts to the budget, but he also didn’t inform them of having too many attendings, on the plane? :roll:

    • @Marie Mac, Arizona was the one who jumped onto the plane because she was mad at Karev. So if anyone was to blame for having “too many attendings on the plane,” it would be Dr Robbins!

      • @JoZZZ, Totally agree!! How come no one mentioned that was Arizona’s childishness the cause that the insurance company didn’t pay?
        Oh, of course. Owen aka the new Joan of Arc.. :evil:

  5. Owen is hurt, but Derek is very right. It’s politics that are trying to edge him out. Under his leadership, the hospital lost a lot of money. But it’s much more than that (even if it was from storytelling standpoint necessary), if the plane crash hadn’t happened, almost all of his final-year residents were moving on to fellowships elsewhere, just as his Head of Neurosurgery would have left for greener pastures. That would play a role as well in questioning Owen’s ability to lead. If Owen had listened, Derek said they’re trying to figure out a way and he’s just have to sit tight. Demanding answers from Avery in public like that? Not a good move from Owen. Also, Derek had his back, until Owen said it was them who got the hospital in this mess. Derek had a right to get loud at that point. Because it wasn’t the survivors fault. It may not even have been Owen’s fault, even though he signed of on those budget cuts. I’m on Derek’s side in this mess. Not on Avery’s though. He’s to green behind the ears for this

  6. Gosh the new look GG, wow. It’s all so light and cheery.Nice. :grin:

    Isn’t it funny how the intern’s boyfriend also happens to be an OBGYN, who could feature when McBaby is born. No OBYGN attending in sight though.

    • @jules, Agreed – I like the new GG header too. Very clean looking.

  7. BAILEY FOR CHIEF!!!! enough said

    • @Aussie, how AWESOME would that be! Would love to see that happen!

    • @Aussie, I was JUST about to write this. So true. Although where would Hunt go? If he quit as chief, that leaves him as a trauma surgeon and they’ve closed the ER.. unless they’re reopening it.

  8. @Aussie you are correct… Remember Richard promised Bailey was to be his successor and it never happened. He appointed Owen instead and the look on her face said it all.. She even alluded to it in the last episode. Yeah, it’s about time for a woman to run things…

  9. I hope I’m not wrong…I think Shonda is paving the way for Bailey to become Chief. At least, I hope so. I hate that they portray Callie as an indecisive, insecure administrator because it’s not on par with the Callie we know who told Webber in S6 that she was running the Ortho department. Now, she can’t decide which case is more urgent? Really? But most of all, I hate that Avery is any kind of ‘boss’. If they are trying to make him the next McDreamy it’s not going to work. So, Callie can’t mediate a disagreement but fratboy Avery can come in and save the day? Really? Bailey for Chief, period…

    • @Enforce, that’s not what I got from that sneak. I didn’t see Callie as indecisive. She went to the surgical board…maybe she was trying to see if it was possible for another OR to be staffed. The argument was it was the only 1 staffed. The hospital employs more than 1 of each of the people needed in an OR.
      I can definitely see Bailey as Chief…it’s about time for that to happen!

    • @Enforce, Yes and No… Bailey is still just a fellow.. she is way too young to be chief, but anything can happen in Shondaland. Maybe April will be chief. Maybe MEREDITH will be chief. Since there is not much reason when it comes to who takes the blame for what, in Shondaland she could be the chief.

      • @Laura.Regency, Umm….Bailey is an Attending. Callie is an Attending. Meredith, Cristina, Avery, and Alex are Fellows. I’m not sure April is a fellow, since she failed her boards. And when exactly are they going to address that??

  10. I don’t like the way they portrayed Avery. As far as I can remember he hasn’t shown any leadership skills before this but being pretty boy. That Callie isn’t the perfect administrator we already know, she had trouble as Chief Resident, so that she’d need a second to make a decision is okay. Avery to safe the day… doesn’t sit right with me. I’d have choosen Meredith. She’d shown a lot of leadership potential over the time, it wouldn’t be out of character for her. She’s a fix-it kind of gal. Or well, Derek but he can’t always be the one to fix it. There’d been many better choices than Avery (alright, you might have guessed, I don’t like Avery too much. I can’t stand neptoism. Makes me want to run those people in the ground and crush under me shoes like bugs, since they get things us super hard working people may never achieve just because of who they were born to). BUt I guess they do have to give Avery a chance to shine aside from being pretty boy.

    • @m, your last line says it all. We’ve for the most part only known him as a pretty face…there are things that we have the potential to learn about him in this new stage of things. I like the fact that he stepped up in the moment of chaos but you can also tell it’s not the position he wants to be in, it’s written all over his face. Even in the last episode, he wasn’t exactly thrilled that his Mom “bought him” the hospital.

    • @m, Hmmm….I’m gonna disagree that Avery has not shown leadership. 1. Season six finale he had April get nurses to prep the OR and essentially told Yang she was operating on Derek. 2. Season eight he was the Gunther. 3. Season nine, despite Arizona’s bullying he performed the surgery he knew to be the best fir his patient – the patient was originally Sloan’s, it was a facial reconstruction surgery.
      I think this arc for Avery is more about his growth as a man (away from the pretty boy status) and growth as a surgeon, less about him being in charge. I see the parallel between Avery and Derek; Derek could take charge and does take charge when needed and his opinion is respected. However, Derek did not enjoy the Chief position, even though he thought he would. Avery can take charge, the difference is that he knows from the onset (unlike Derek) he is not interested in this particular leadership role.

      Ultimately, it is Bailey as chief. And it’s being set up that way, thankfully.

  11. @softnsweet, Webber never ‘promised’ Bailey chief… he said he was grooming her for it… big difference. At the time he said that, she was still a resident. No resident, or new attending for that matter, is going to be chief…so you can’t really say it “never happened.” Now that she’s got more experience and maturity, I think now may be the time.

  12. Owen deserved what Derek said to him. I hope Bailey becomes chief. She is chief material. Not sure I love Jackson as boss but it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I’ll bet Derek goes to the trailer to talk Owen into coming back.

  13. Oh yeah..Owen’s fault? Give me a break.
    How about the shooting? Derek’s fault then. Alzheimer’s trial? Am I mistaken or Mer did it ON PURPOSE? Owen got shot and it was stupid blondie Meredith airhead’s fault.
    Since when in Shondaland people are literally tortured over a mistake that they had no control over?
    Pardon my snappishness today, I’m cranky :mrgreen:
    I think Owen is suffocating, we need some storyline to make him breathe again. Like a leave of absence and a volunteering program, maybe the Africa thing for a while? They are really sucking him dry. Izzie didn’t have this much trouble after stealing an organ and cutting an L-Vad. Shonda is indulging in Owen’s martyrdom a little too much, me thinks.

    • @Laura.Regency,

      Izzy was an intern and we all know interns aren’t held accountable for their actions.

      Of course, Meredith was going to step in. If she hadn’t Cristina and Derek would have been killed. Who is going to stand aside while their best friend and husband are murdered while they cower outside the door? If you consider Meredith an airhead for martyring herself then so was Owen who foolishly threw himself at the guy with the gun in a room full of people.

      The shooting wasn’t Derek’s fault because he made the RIGHT call. His patient’s husband just couldn’t handle it.

      The Alzheimer’s trial isn’t the same thing and you know it. It was Derek’s trial for Meredith. HE had control over her repercussions.

      That all being said, I really like Owen and hate the position he’s in. He made a call that wasn’t made maliciously but he’s paying for it. It’s not like this is the first time a doctor has been unfairly treated by the powers that be, though (Izzy and April come to mind).

  14. I remember hearing Mer refer to herself as an attending, so now I’m confused again.

    I’m thinking it’ll be the return of Webber as the chief before Bailey takes over. I don’t think Bailey would be diplomatic enough to deal with the new management of the hospital at the moment.

    Avery’s kinda stuck in the middle of his mother’s dictating what she wants to happen(Callie is right about that) and what the other board members want. Avery has to stand up to MrsA. Bribing his fellow board members with cakes isn’t going to win anyone over to his ideas.