GA Hits All-Time Low

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Hey Gabblers!

Things aren’t looking too great on the ratings front for our beloved Grey’s. Check this out.

Grey’s Anatomy (8.1 million, 2.6), ABC’s only new program of the night, also slid to an all-time low.

(Source | TV Guide)

What do you think will happen with the show? Do you think season 10 is a definite? Why do you think the show has dropped so low on the ratings scale?

Let us know below!

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  1. Maybe because they originally said that the episode was going to be on next week, so no one knew to watch it…

  2. When a show has been off air for 3 weeks, it’s hard to remember it’s on.. Sorry to say also that ABC does a very poor job of promoting Greys, they promote Scandal more, and it wasn’t even on… i think that throws people off too.. when they’re not on together ppl just assume they’re both old… idk. they’ll have a season 10, for sure… you’ll have thursdays with low ratings,,TVO is a great thing. ;)

  3. also, it kinda stinks because they left off in feb. with such a great episode… then we get nothing after… i don’t think that helps either…

  4. I don’t like it but every show went down. AI is in 3′s territory. Big Bang Theory went down 7 tenths of a point. The only show that was up was Person of Interest by one tenth but it was new last week also. Greys just came back from a break and daylight savings time always has this effect on ratings. Tv ratings are changing. With cable competition growing network viewership is on a serious decline. Still, I will keep my fingers crossed for next week. Hopefully it will beat POI again. Regardless, not bad for a show on its 9th season going up against CBS and a show that is only two years old. I have to admit, I’m not ready for Greys to end any time soon.

  5. No, I do not want the show to end. They came off a break and maybe viewers forgot to tune in. Lately it has been all about scandal, which frankly I don’t see. I loved last Thursday’s show;hopefully they will move forward from the crash and the fallout.

  6. Maybe they should stop promoting Scandal and do a little promoting of Grey’s. And maybe they should go back to writing in the originals as the leads instead of the characters nobody cares about. But really maybe Shonda should care about what the fans think.

  7. I don’t think they promoted Grey’s enough. All the shows slipped last Thursday. I hope this is not a trend for Grey’s. Let’s see what happens this Thursday.