E! Online Finales “SPOILER” Tease

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Hey, Gabbler family!

Soooo, looks like E! wants to play a little guessing game with us… and our emotions too :P Check out their “spoiler” below!

Get ready to bawl like a baby!

Season finale time is juuuust around the corner, and we just scored exclusive scoop on a certain highly anticipated finale you won’t want to miss. It’s a blind item (you’re welcome, and our condolences), so you’ll need to guess the show. But we can tell you the following stunning spoilers do indeed go down in the final episode:

For the actual spoilers and list of show choices, please click the source link below! Don’t forget to come back and comment!

(Source|E! Online)

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Are you kidding me? This is definitely not fair! lol Now, although I’m a fan of more than one of these shows (five, to be exact), I know that it’s GA we’re all concerned about here. I am NOT too impressed with E! and their game playing ways lol How do you feel about this?

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  1. Seeing as Shonda supposedly changed the plot line of the finale today, I doubt they’re talking about Grey’s. There’s no way the details leaked that fast! :???:
    Also, I don’t see who the two fan favorite couples reconciling would be. Jackson+April and …? However, I could see Shonda making Mer sick…! :roll:

  2. I could totally see Shonda making Mer sick. She gave an entire season of fan happiness, Can’t let that go on too long. I will be so unhappy if Mer has cancer after giving birth!