Shonda Addresses GA Spoiler Talk

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Hey, good people!

There’s been much chatter and spoiler-ish spillage about what might or might not be taking place regarding GA’s S9 finale. Here’s what Shonda has to say:


(Source|Shonda Rhimes via  Twitter)

Good news about this is we can pretty much dismiss any recent talk we’ve been hearing about possible GA spoilers and what not. I mean, nothing is ever set in stone. Anything can change in an instant in the writers’ room, right? Bad news? Now, many of our brains are even more scrambled than they were before lol Too much worrying? Too much back and forth? How are you feeling about all this?

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  1. As usual, we can’t trust her.

  2. I really hate what she is doing to fans!!!She really lets you feel her superiority over the fans. How she mocks us! She is such a hypocrite – she says without the fans who watch the show, we are nothing and there she goes and still does as she pleases, says something then take sit back, but hey, watch our show.

    She is a clever liar indeed.