Spoiler – Shonda on GA S9 Finale

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Hey, fab Gabblers!

Shonda took to Twitter today and spilled a little info about GA’s season finale. Check it out!


(Source|Shonda Rhimes via Twitter)

Hmmmmmm. Sounds…. ominous lol What do you think we’re in for?

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  1. Who are they going to kill next? Owen?

  2. Have they decided who they are going to kill next? Owen?

  3. Have they decided who they are going to kill next?

    • My rational side says that we need not get too carried away with thoughts of impending character demise… although lord knows we’ve seen much of it in times past :/ I wanna believe that “very bold shocking decisions” will be something that will thrill us and not make us boo hoo. One can hope, right?

  4. I almost don’t want to know. I hope it has nothing to do with anybody getting killed off. I want a mellow finale like McBaby being born.

  5. If Shonda Rhimes says it’s going to be shocking and bold, I think it will be. Camilla Luddington apparently had to regain her composure after the recent table read, per her tweet. (I’m going to be sick on my stomach, excuse me.)

  6. Oh, please. Not again… :???: