Audio: JPJ Chats GA and “42″

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James Pickens Jr. can be seen featured in the new movie “42″, opening in theaters today! Check out this interview as he chats about himself, Grey’s Anatomy, and his movie!


Known for his most notable role as Dr. Richard Webber on Grey’s Anatomy, James Pickens Jr. joined Pat Prescott in studio to talk about his significant role in 42, the story about baseball legend Jackie Robinson.

Though his role is small, James is featured in a significant scene where he opens up his home to Jackie during his first year of Spring Training because he wasn’t allowed to stay with the rest of the team.

James adds that telling the story of Jackie Robinson is important, especially for this generation who may not know about the strides he made not only in baseball but with civil rights.

“I think we really don’t know his importance of what he did and the impact he caused – he didn’t just open up baseball, but it opened up on how we viewed ourselves and how we had to make change,” said James.

Part one: James Pickens Jr. talks about his love for jazz music and the huge success of his hit show Grey’s Anatomy.

Part two: James Pickens Jr. talks about his role in 42 and the importance of telling his story


James is just so smooth lol I love him as an actor and I look forward to seeing him more on Grey’s Anatomy and in “42″! P.S. Did he say the GA season 9 finale was gonna be a cliff hanger?

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