THR: GA 9×21 Recap (Spoiler)

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Hey, happy family!

Or… not so happy family after watching Grey’s Anatomy tonight :/ The Hollywood Reporter has shared their review of tonight’s new episode, “Sleeping Monster” and offer five of the biggest reveals of the hour! We’ve included a couple of them here! Read it then share your thoughts! It may contain a bit of a spoiler, so it’s below the cut.


With only three remaining episodes to go in its ninth season, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy upped the stakes for three of its central characters Thursday.

1. Pegasus still sucks: Bailey may have a staph infection, but she wasn’t the source of the strain that ultimately led to the death of three of her patients.

2. April and Jackson Matthew sitting in a tree: Upset that Matthew (Justin Bruening) dumped her, April (Sarah Drew) rips Jackson (Jesse Williams) for taking her v-card.

To read this recap in it’s entirety, please click the source link below!

(Source|The Hollywood Reporter)

Upped the stakes they did! I’m still reeling for what happened tonight! How about you? Any predictions?

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