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S9E22: Do You Believe in Magic


“There’s no such thing as magic, as far as we know.  And while, as surgeons, we study the secrets behind the human body’s intricate network of cells, tissues, and organs, when things go wrong… horribly, horribly wrong… there are only so many tricks we have up our sleeves to put a body back together.  But there is a kind of power, more of a spell really, and when we get it right, it can be pretty damn magical.”


The top of the episode introduces a fresh face to the show when Hilarie Burton’s character, Lauren, bumps into Arizona at the local caffeine hub in the hospital.  Arizona mistakenly grabs Lauren’s coffee and over-saturates it with loads of sugar before Lauren could claim the java as her own.  In return, Lauren grabs Arizona’s coffee and sips it, proudly reenacting the gesture.  Thus begins what Arizona later finds out to be the beginning of a flirtatious course of events!  The promo that aired last week of this week’s episode gave the viewers an inkling that there may be trouble coming for Calzona… trouble in the shape of a craniofacial specialist named Lauren that is!  Turns out Arizona’s coffee run in with Lauren was the first of many she would have with her.  Jackson flew Lauren in to help with a ped’s case in which both Arizona AND Lauren will be working on.  Over the course of their interactions with one another, Lauren makes it known how intrigued she is by Arizona, going so far as to flirt with her in front of Callie!  Arizona although flattered and entertained by Lauren’s amorous attempts, makes it known to Lauren she is married to another female doctor in the hospital and awkwardly adds she has one leg.  Fully prepared with a quirky comeback, Lauren tells Arizona she already knows these facts…. giving credit to having found only one Arizona Robbins on the internet.  Yowza!  After the brief elevator encounter with Lauren, Arizona, bemused with Lauren’s flirtatious approach, appears contently satisfied and as the elevator doors close we see a playful smirk confirming she’s definitely got her mojo back! Calzona fans:  Hold on tight… this looks to be a bumpy ride! :S

Miranda, officially cleared to operate, continues to cope with the ruling of the CDC investigation.  Unable to grasp the reality of the outcome, she locks herself in her genome lab, closing herself off from her friends and colleagues.  The teams of doctors try a number of ways to get her to open up even so far as trying an intervention when she comes out of the ladies room!  The attempt goes south quickly when the doctors unsuccessfully pull her from her zombie-like state.  Naturally, the only person left that can help snap her out of it is Richard, right?  Wrong.  And Richard knows it too.  Instead, he calls Ben, Bailey’s husband, to fly in for back up.  When Miranda sees Ben, the flood gates open and she reveals to him, that although clear of the staph infection, she still blames herself for the deaths of her patients and can’t shake the “dirty” from her hands. Ben does what he can to reassure her it’s not her fault and we see a tearful Bailey fall apart in his loving and supportive embrace.

A magician’s act goes horribly wrong when he attempts to saw a woman in half… with a chainsaw.  Needless to say, the act ended in a trip to the ER and Shane, Meredith, and Richard scramble to save what’s left of the woman’s scrambled insides.  To make matters a bit more interesting the magician’s other assistant (the fully intact one) is in love with the woman on the OR table, which coincidentally happens to be the magician’s wife!  Amidst bickering between the magician and his other assistant over the love they both share for this woman, Meredith puts them both in check and tells them to get over their differences for the sake of the ailing patient.  In time, the magician backs off, surrendering his marriage to that of the love the two women share for each other and in that moment, we see Richard regain a sense of clarity towards Bailey’s frustration and anger towards him after the CDC investigation.


April provides a bit of comic relief in this episode when she tends to a delirious patient brought in by her extremely flighty and intoxicated friends.  The girl arrives at the ER with severe stomach pains and April attempts to find out the cause of her ailments by questioning her two inebriated friends.  In true drunk-girl fashion, the girls carry on with jokes only they think are funny when April concludes that the girl consumed a drink made of liquid nitrogen.  Can we say IDIOT?!  While April races to repair the woman’s mulched up stomach in surgery, she apologizes to Jackson for blaming him for her break up with Matt. Things seem to finally be on the right track between the two.  In fact, April even asks Jackson to join her for a drink at Joe’s, like old times!  Remembering he had a date with Stephanie, he declines and April instinctively notes she had plans to meet up with Matt anyway, and the two go their separate ways.  Japril fans:  Don’t call it quits just yet!

Derek takes the case of a girl in need of brain surgery and while he attempts to explain the surgical procedure to the girl and her family, her troublesome younger brother manages to distract the room of people with his rebellious antics.  Poor Mousey can attest!  Seeing the terror this little boy has become makes Derek worry that his son could one day become a little monster to Zola.  Have no fear, Mer to the rescue!  Amidst a pretend tea-party for three (and a downright adorable one at that!) Mer reassures Derek that if Zola can get a hardcore neurosurgeon to wear a princess crown, the she can most definitely fend for herself with a younger sibling.  *Heart melts*

Owen continues to keep a close eye on Ethan while Ethan’s father remains in a coma.  In an effort to distract the boy from the hardships of the hospital life, they play a quick game of soccer in the breezeway.  Ethan’s grandmother, Nancy, comes to get him to take him back to the hotel for a while to rest.  Ethan makes it clear he doesn’t want to leave Owen’s side but Owen urges him to go and be with his grandmother.  Shortly after, Nancy and Ethan return to the hospital, only this time it isn’t for a visit. Ethan overdosed on Nancy’s pills and it’s after this Nancy admits she’s not sure she can handle looking after Ethan anymore.  Cristina meanwhile takes a shot in the dark at waking Ethan’s father from his coma by using medicine to reverse the effects of his physical state.  Sadly, it doesn’t work but that doesn’t keep Cristina from being optimistic.  Throughout all of this, Cristina confronts Owen about wanting children but he reassures her that what he wants is her and for the time being, that’s enough to get these two through.

Alex tries everything in his power to avoid Jo but as expected, that could only last so long. Jo confronts Alex and after another argument, the two agree to steer clear of one another.  As Alex is leaving the hospital for a drink with Jackson, he sees Jo and Jason arguing in an exam room.  Seeming annoyed at the situation, he shrugs it off and walks away, clearly choosing not to make it any of his business.  After a late night of drinks at Joe’s, Alex heads home to find Jo at his doorstep with a bruised and beaten face, asking to stay the night.  Presumably, one would think its Jason that’s done the unthinkable and Alex instinctively wants to punch his face in.  How far will he go in Jo’s defense to take care of the guy that messed with the wrong girl?

“As surgeons, we are no stranger to the breaks and tears in the human body.  In fact we sacrifice the better part of our twenties learning every possible way to make it whole again.  But there are some wounds a surgeon can’t repair.  Not on our own.  It takes a kind of power we just don’t have.  There’s no such thing as magic.  Not in a traditional-abbra-codabra-genie-in-a-bottle kind of way.  But there is magic in knowing that while not everything can be repaired, most everything can be survived.”


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