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Can’t believe there’s only 2 episodes left this season, can you all? Check out what TVLine says about the finale under the cut:


MAY 16 SEASON FINALE | When the credits roll at the end of the Season 9 closer, a major character’s life will hang in the balance, series creator Shonda Rhimes confirms. The odds-on favorite would seem to be Mer, whose tumble down the stairs next week sets up some “fairly intense” labor pains in the finale, hints Rhimes. Elsewhere, as a massive storm is straining all of Grey Sloan Memorial’s resources, the unsettled parenting issue between Owen and Cristina “gets forced out into the open,” Callie and Arizona’s relationship is tested by interloper Lauren (p;ayed by Hilarie Burton)– “I think [Calzona fans] absolutely should be worried,” Rhimes cryptically warns — and “Alex is going to be forced to face some things about Jo” in the wake of finding her bruised and beaten. Speaking of which, Jo’s current beau Chest Pecwell may not have been behind the attack. “I think that everyone is assuming that they know what happened,” Rhimes says. “And perhaps they don’t.”


If anyone needs me, I’ll be the pathetic one rocking in a corner.

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  1. “If anyone needs me, I’ll be the pathetic one rocking in a corner.”

    And I’ll be in another corner in the fetal position mumbling to myself.

    You gotta admit, Shonda knows how to create drama in interviews and get the fans worked up into a frenzy.

  2. I thought this was the season of romance.. Didnt get any romance for Callie and Arizona.

    • @jea, For me, I saw a lot of romance this season. From ep 7 with Callie looking out for Arizona on her first day back and the family bonding at the end. Ep 10 in the hotel room where Callie said she was never going to leave Arizona’s side. To ep 18, the x-ray room scene alone was phenomenal. The best scene they’ve ever had.

  3. I’ve already pulled out my Corinne Bailey Rae CD to listen to. :sad: I’m not sure I like Shonda’s Spring visits, just when things are settling down a bit. It’s almost like being visited by the grim reaper! Guess it’s the cycle of life…or drama anyway.

  4. I’m going to guess it might be Callie or Owen as there hasn’t been any word if they will return next season. JCap loves the show and I read that the others are already contracted to come back.

    And if either of these two die, it would give these couples an ending that won’t exactly conflict with their mfeo status. Much like Mark and Lexie. As a Calzona fan, I would prefer death than a cheating s/l that I think this couple and the character could never recover from.