Not-So-Smooth Finale Sailing for Calzona?

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We here at GG are big Calzona fans, as we know most of you are, so of course we all want our beloved ladies to ride happily off into the sunset at the end of every season, but this is Shondaland, and in Shondaland the roads on which our ships must ride are filled with bumps and potholes! So should Calzona fans be worried about the season finale? Check below the cut to find out…

Ain’t no fandom panic like Grey’s Anatomy fandom panic ’cause Grey’s Anatomy fandom panic is justified. When Shonda Rhimes says she’s going to do something shocking, she’s going to do something legitimately shocking. Unleash a serial killer in Seattle Grace? Done. Crash a plane full of doctors? Done. Chop off a leg? Done. Kill a beloved character? Done, done, done, done, done, done and done. So when she tweeted these finale tidbits back in March, we freaked out a little bit.

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Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 20.24.32

Of course, to be honest, we weren’t too worried about Callie and Arizona due to the hellscape they’ve had to navigate since last season’s finale. We felt like they’d earned a little reprieve. Then Shonda tweeted this cryptic thing:

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 20.25.13

Next thing you know, Dr. Peyton Tree Hill is trying to get into Arizona’s pants in the Elevator of Everlasting Sexual Hijinks!

So, should we be freaking out about Calzona? Well, TVLine says probably. Shonda toldMichael Ausiello:

We’re equal opportunity over here at Grey’s Anatomy. Straight people have their cheating moments all of the time. We’ve created this relationship that’s very interesting and complex, and I feel like we’re at a moment where this [temptation] feels earned. We’re doing something that feels very in keeping with what’s right for these characters … There wss a [Calzona] scene that was such a breathtaking moment that it stunned everyone into silence … It’s the culmination of a [season-long] journey for these two characters.

The Hollywood Reporter also asked Shondaabout Calzona’s finale fate:

THR: Arizona is enjoying the attention and flirting Lauren (Hilarie Burton) is showing her. How far will she allow this flirtation to go?
 It’s going to go very, very far. I feel fairly committed that it marginalizes Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona to say that they’re the lesbian couple and happy and they can only be with one another as the happy couple that sits in the corner. It neutralizes them. They’ve been on this very interesting, complex journey this season and that journey is not finished. I’ve done lot of reading on PTSD and grief and these people have been through a hell of a lot this season and we’ve watched them struggle to right themselves fairly quickly — perhaps too quickly. There’s stuff there that has not been dealt with. We’re taking them through it, which I think is great, and Lauren is definitelypossibly a part of that.

In the THR interview, she mentions again that the cast was shocked by Calzona’s final scene: “From our table read, that was the most stunning moment of the table read — the entire cast gasped and fell silent.”

A Frankenstorm is hitting Seattle Grace and a fully pregnant Meredith is falling down some stairs and the most shocking thing is a Callie/Arizona scene? OK, panic officially commenced!

Are you freaking out about “Perfect Storm” or do you think Callie and Arizona are going to be OK?


What do you think about the possibility of more Calzona drama, Gabblers?

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  1. After trying to stay positive, especially after Shonda said that she would be good to both Callie and Arizona, I’m now expecting the worse.

    I believe there will be a kiss between Arizona and Lauren, but Arizona will stop things before it goes any further…at least I hope she does stop it. Either Callie catches them or Arizona tells Callie because she’ll be wracked with guilt.

    As for the gasp moment, I’m thinking it’s going to be a separation at the request of Arizona or both decide together that it’s the right thing to do for now. Am I happy about it? Absolutely not, but it’s what I’m expecting.

    On Twitter, Shonda said yes when a fan asked if whatever happens means an intense storyline in season 10 for Calzona. That makes me feel somewhat better since she has said that they are MFEO, but once again, we’ll probably have to wait until the last few episodes of the season to see a reconciliation.

  2. I’m taking these spoilers very seriously and am very upset about the likelihood of a Calzona chasm. I also didn’t actually “enjoy” this season’s difficult and sometimes hard-to-watch Calzona storyline, even though the acting was top-notch. So, if it’s, indeed, not-so-smooth again, my ship will likely be sailing in another direction, if you get my drift.

  3. I cant take this anymore!! Happy times… Callie wants baby. Arizona does not. Shooting. Together again. Arizona goes to Africa. Callie sleeps with Mark. Baby and car crash. Almost dies. Wedding. Season 8, okey.. They are there. Plane crash. One less leg. Sits in own pee. Callie is horney. Meet at hotel. Makes out. Phantom leg pain. Callie massages Arizona. They make out. Arizona cheats with Peyton Sawyer (Damn you, Peyton.. Why)

    I can’t take it. Why always Calzona…

  4. Wow .. I already know what to be expecting and I think i know what it is.. Heres what i am expecting

    Lauren is pressuring Arizona into being extra flirty and Arizona is enjoying the attention but isn’t sure about it because she loves Callie. So at the very end Arizona and Lauren are alone in an exam room or whatever.. Lauren is being flirty, and backs Arizona into a wall and kisses her. Callie then at this point walks in and sees Arizona kissing Lauren and gets sad and angry and storms out. (because we all know how many times before Callie was cheated on) And then Arizona tries to go after Callie but Cal wont listen.. (end of scene) And i think that’s what we are going to be left hanging with.

    *Later in season 10*
    Arizona is mad at Lauren and she doesn’t want anything to do with her ever again. Arizona absolutely hates Lauren. Callie is back at their apartment and wont see anyone .. not even bailey.. And she is debating whether or not to keep her ring on .. When someone knocks on the door she doesnt go answer because she knows exactly who it is.. Arizona is balling her eyes out and begging Callie to let her in. Arizona wants forgiveness and all that stuff.. And then were gonna go thru the whole thing about Callie not letting Arizona see Sofia.. and were gonna have some action at the hospital were Arizona tries to talk to Callie but she wont listen.. possibly some throwing out of Arizona’s stuff.. Then its just going to be a matter of whether or not Calzona are In Fact MFEO and how far Arizona will take things to get her wife back.. which will suck because that means that we will basically have a whole nother season of just Fighting … just like Season 9.. UGH! wow im not ready for this but imma stick by my couple forever because they are the strongest couple on the show and they can get thru anything.. #CalzonaStrong :sad:

    • @Calzona1fan, Unfotunately, what you’re expecting to happen sounds like a strong possibility and that could cause Callie to request a separation and/or tell Arizona to leave which will cause the gasp moment that Shonda mentioned.

  5. I’m sad just thinking about it. But, after all, it IS Shondaland and we should know it’s coming.

  6. I am so not ready to see Lauren kiss Arizona .. Physically and Mentally not ready.. I cant even bring myself to calm down now, and it hasnt even happened yet … :cry: :sad: I just cant get over the fact that it actually might happen.. This really sucks because they are my favorite couple and they helped me with a lot in my life.. -if you know what i mean- I will never see Arizona with anyone other than her Calliope.. HER Calliope. I just cant.. But i am preparing myself for it because this is shondaland and we should know its gonna happen to everybody on the show at some point… I just never saw it happening to my Calzona… :( But i will be here thru there whole journey back to each other just like in season 9 because they are MFEO and always have been! They are the strongest couple on the show and they can make it thru anything.. and they will make it thru this! #CalzonaStrong

  7. As much as I want other theories such as PTSD or maybe even a suicide attempt s/l (I think that’s a little far fetched for Arizona’s character) to happen, I have prepared myself for a cheating s/l.

    I hate what this is going to do with Arizona’s character because it’s just not her. After everything that’s happened over the seasons, I can’t believe that she would commit adultery with the first woman that looks her way. And I doubt her character could come back from this.

    But almost every other character has basically cheated or has been cheated on at some point, physically or emotionally. Shonda must think it’s Calzona’s turn.

  8. One of the things that disturbs me the most about this is that in retrospective, since the S6 baby discussions, Callie and Arizona have been just a hair away from a major blowup. Even during the relatively quiet S8 (up to the finale) there were some underlying tensions (re: Mark). S9 has been a smorgasbord of crap for these two, yet, from S6 the issues are never fully addressed or developed. We get culmination to arcs that last 45 seconds leaving all the substance out for speculation. Now there are only two epis left and Arizona’s flirting is going to go very, very far? What is she? On warp speed? This has come out of nowhere. If Shonda wanted to introduce the cheating component to the relationship, wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be Callie who has been the brunt of Arizona’s wrath and emotional/romantic/sexual neglect since the amputation? The way that they have introduced this dynamic is confusing and disturbing and it’s making Arizona look really, really bad because it feels a bit gratuitous. It feels like Shonda just pulled this out of her butt at the last second for dramatic effect. I mean, I understand that with Arizona’s PTSD she could come to a point of being tempted to cheat, but in one episode to be so smitten by someone who she just met, who is not even her type (meaning, a brunette). It really does lessen the idea of the commitment and love that she has professed for Callie. I mean, if someone can get your attention that quickly, what does that say about your relationship with your significant other? Worst of all, Arizona doesn’t seem to just be attracted to Lauren, she seems to be completely smitten.

    • @Enforce, ITA. This s/l could have been inserted anytime in the past where it wouldn’t seem to have been plucked out of thin air. If this happens now, it does not make any sense whatsoever, character wise or plot wise.

      Arizona has been bent and twisted to make her come across as very committed to Callie and this relationship since season 7. Making her cheat would just undo everything the character has done.

      • @DG, totally agree! Would be acceptable at some other point OR at this time point if the SL would be treated well. But knowing GA writers it will be rushed and covered in 5 minutes and we’ll all be left shocked. Shonda said that in the final Calzona scene we’ll understand the goal of this Lauren SL. I just don’t agree. If Calzona breaks up then I’ m afraid that everyone agrees that it really is the end. So I don’t see how they could get anintense SL in S10 if they would break up.
        Just don’t get it! They should have prepareer us, showed us some hints!

  9. Oh God why? Shonda always does this sh*t ! :/

  10. Seems that the plan is to go backwards now and insert omissions, fill in some gaps…??? I agree with others that timing seems to be off, it’s not palatable, doesn’t make any sense. This was my favorite show, mainly because of Calzona. After seeing what actually happens in the finale,I may want to get off the roller coaster. Will always be grateful to Shonda Rhimes, Sara Ramirez, and Jessica Capshaw for the creation and portrayal of this beautiful couple.

  11. Calzona is my favorite character by far and I am hoping that none of this happens. I feel everything Shonda says is condradictory and the wording she is using is rather blurred. She says she will be good to Callie, and she will be good to Arizona however having a cheating spell and what not isnt good for either of them. It will cause a lot of pain and ramifications. Also use ing the words breathtaking and stunned in the same sentence; breathtaking is used when your describing something beautiful or inpired yet when I hear stunned, I get nervous. They dont fit together. But I’m hoping that she is twisting her words to get this reaction, and its actually a stunning happy something like Arizona wanting to have a baby. I feel that I will be wrong and this insane cheating scandal will occur, but it doesnt seem right or even fit. The timing is all wrong for this. I think Arizona is going to say something hurtful (that she doesn not mean) to Callie like none of this was ever her dream (baby, the leg, Sofia being marks child, etc.), and thats how its going to end.

    • @Tarah14, I keep analysing all wording in all articles and spoilers I read. One time it gives me hope. The other time it makes me depressed. Breathtaking does not sound negative to me either. But then I read other things and most things do not sound that positive. She would be good to Callie and she would be good to AZ but that does not mean that she is good for Calzona. She will let them both live but maybe not together anymore. I have the feeling that Shonda (and Sara) believe that it is finished between them. But then I read that the final scene means anintense SL for S10. Understand who can….
      I know that many of us agree that if they break up again, we don’t see them getting back together again….

      • @Lin1982, I agree if they end it now, I dont see it working out. I just dont see how being “good” to someone is soley the fact they wont die. If someone said they would be good to me, breaking me and my boy friend up would NOT be in the cards lol that isnt being good to the individual it would be hurting them. I just think she is running out of ideas, and not all couples cheat. Most couples in this show cheat and/or have a rough time. Calzona has been put though hell in their relationship from the beginning. Shonda says they dont get to sit on the sidelines or w.e but I feel they have had it the hardest especially lately. I hope that nothing happens and my gut feeling is wrong. I think callie is going to catch Lauren kissing her, or Arizona is going to freak out because of the PTSD and say that none of this has been her dream. This is my favorite couple in the show and Im going to be so upset. Also Arizona is my fav character and I feel she always gets the short end of the stick, and is made to always be the bad guy. It is really annoying me.

        • @Tarah14, Yes it annoys me as well that AZ would be the bad guy again. She already hurt Callie when leaving her in the middle of the airport. Cheating on Callie after all they’ve been through after Callie being patient and respectful when they had to find eachother again sexually, that would be really mean and I don’t want them to portray AZ like that. But I guess that we are all at that point that we start realizing there cannot be anything more shocking than the two of them admitting that it is over between them. I am so angry and pissed at Shonda. What’s the point in showing this after all this time? How much I love both AZ and Callie but I wish that one them would die rather than them being separated because of a break up. Really, I can’t imagine them being with someone else. I just can’t!!!!

          • @Lin1982, I agree but maybe this is what she wanted a big stir out of everyone… breathtaking I think something beautiful and I hope that it is something beautiful coming into their lives like AZ pregnant or something… I just think this whole breakup is pointless especially after everything they have gone through together. Ans especially after what Callie has been through what another divorce? it doesnt seem true to her character. Lastly cheating, after all the please dont leave me stuff, isnt in Arizonas nature either

  12. I keep going back to the use of the word “breathtaking” describing the Calzona scene that caught the cast off guard during the finale table read. What’s the possibility of a “threesome” again, but this time with Lauren??!! And I mean a REAL threesome. Callie was “a little in love” with Lauren as well. And, as much as I don’t want problems in Calzona land, at least it means they have a major story for S10 and that will mean increased screen time!

  13. I just can’t grasp Arizona cheating on Callie. This season has been so tough for them, and they’ve worked so hard to reconcile, that to have them face infidelity (on top of everything else they’ve gone through) doesn’t make sense. Maybe Callie “hired” Lauren to help Arizona get her mojo back and it’s going to blow up in her face. Haha! That would be lame. Why can’t they just have a happy ending? I’ve never been so nervous about a TV show. I should really get a grip, but I just love Calzona!!

  14. I really don’t get the point of making them splitting up. They had to fight to stay together, they are in love and if their story is over, then Shonda would fail. She wanted to show a lesbian couple to let people know that they are normal. A split up would just show that they couldn’t make it.

    • @anonymous, exactly!!!!

  15. I got it wrong last week in thinking Arizona knew Lauren from a previous liason. I think Arizona was attracted to and flattered by the attention Lauren gave her. I know Callie stated she loved Lauren’s rockstar satus as a surgeon. But as someone who’s had a spouse cheat on her,I think the shock factor would be greater if Callie were to be drawn into something with Lauren.
    Is Lauren in 9.23 & 9.24?.
    Shonda is creating SLs to follow up in S10, and episode 200 has to be great!

    • @jules, While doesn’t have her listed for those episodes (that website isn’t always reliable anyways), she has to be in at least one of the remaining two episodes since Shonda said that their flirting will go “very, very far.”

  16. Shonda will never let a couple be completely happy. Well at least this time its not CrOwen

  17. I just cant grasp the idea of Arizona cheating on Callie or even just kissing another women besides her Calliope.. And after all they have been thru Shonda is just gonna solve it all by Arizona cheating? or kissing lauren? #wtf And the whole “You will fear.. but i am commited to Calzona. They are MFEO” tweet from Shonda.. This is her Definition of MFEO?! And just to mention this is a lesbian couple… So Shondas whole idea of showing that gays and lesbians are okay and then having Arizona and Callie break it off over all that has happend, just sends the message of Lesbians wont ever make it in a relationship… I dont know if anyone else feels that way.. But that just seems like an obvious thing to me… Calzona are the strongest couple on the show.. And they are my favorite. So after all they have been thru .. ur gonna put them thru 2 years of fighting shonda? this year and next year in season 10? Way to go Shonda.. Once again .. Sending a message to the gay comunity. :|

    • @calzona1fan, Exactly what I tried to write a few lines before. If she wants to plead for gay, she has to make them strong.

    • @calzona1fan, I completely agree with that. She is not sending a good message, if anything she is doing the opposite for the gay community. Calzona has gone through more then enough, please god just let them be happy.