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Hey Gabblers!

See below for the latest season finale spoiler from Ausiello!

Question: Coming from the other side of the Atlantic from Portugal! Do you have any Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 finale scoops? —Simão Silva (you can call me Simon)
Ausiello: Hi Simão Simon! A major character’s life will hang in the balance when the clock ticks down on Season 9 next week, but before you go calling Rhimes a serial Grim Reaper, consider the facts. “Everyone thinks I kill everybody — and I don’t,” she insists with a chuckle. “I was doing a tally and I’ve only killed three series regulars [while] four series regular [characters] just left into the ether somewhere to do other things in other hospitals. I don’t kill everybody.” (Gonna need someone to double-check her stats. I suck at math. And I’m lazy.)


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