Spoiler: “A Grey’s Affair?”

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Yo, Gabblers!

Check out what TV Guide has to say about what they learned concerning the Grey’s Anatomy fast approaching finale below the cut!


Will Arizona really cheat on Callie on Grey’s Anatomy?! —Alyssa
I hate to break it to you, but there is a very real chance. “We could present them with some really complex challenges and allow them to deal with them and see some interesting things,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes says, calling it a culmination of this season’s journey through PTSD. “I don’t know where they’re going to end up out of this…”

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(Source|TV Guide)

Gotta say- I’m at the point where I’m tired of the speculation and spoilers and am simply ready for these last two GA episodes to air. I can’t take it anymore. What’s going to happen needs to happen already. What about you? At your wits end with spoilers or are you hungry for more?

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  1. “I don’t know where they’re going to end up out of this…”

    Hmm, looks like she could be going back on her statement about Callie and Arizona being MFEO. :(

    I want to stop reading the spoilers/speculation because any hope I have for Calzona just gets smaller and smaller with every new article/spoiler/quote I read, yet…I can’t stop reading them.

  2. As much as I love Calzona and they are the reason I watch GA, if Arizona cheats, I would prefer for them to break up for good. It’s preposterous to present Arizona as being so incredibly smitten after knowing Lauren for just a few minutes. And it is infuriating that Shonda seems to believe that cheating is part of the normal evolution of a marriage. Arizona has PTSD and she’s feeling some.kind of way so cheating is justified. Only in Shonda’s universe. Here’s the thing, if you want Arizona to cheat for whatever misguided reason you have concocted, don’t expect fans to ever buy the MFEO crap because all the work that Callie put into the relationship by taking Arizona’s abuse and not bailing and all the work that Arizona did to try to be the wife she once was is all down the toilet. You can’t come back from cheating. People may stay together but IRL that is a wound that won’t soon heal. Callie left George after he cheated. If Arizona cheats, I hope she does the same and for good.

  3. Emotional cheating I can enjoy. Like sporsfan suggested, if Arizona turns to Lauren for emotional support instead of Callie, could be interesting if done right. Anything physical is completely ridiculous. If it does happen, they should break up permanently. Ending up together will just feel forced because of their MFEO status.

    I love them and I’m an Arizona but I also want a good, believable, well written s/l. Not something contrived for drama effect.

  4. I felt so bad for Callie after george cheated. The heavy hints about Arizona and lauren make me think if it’s going to happen it’ll be in the hospital. It feels like ‘it was just sex’ reasoning coming in, but Arizona is married.

    Episode 200 coming up makes me think if Arizona does cheat, things will be hapening for Calazona with regards to this SL in S10. Painful to watch, but I can see S10 for Calazona being their repairing their marriage.