I was approached early this week to do a Crowen panel – get a set of questions together and ask Crowen shippers and a couple of non-Crowen shippers to share their perspectives on the ship & their viewpoints. Honestly, the first thought that crossed my mind is that Greys Gabble is United Nations of Greys. While both Lisa and I have our personal ships – we never will want this to reflect onto GG. And honestly, since taking GG over I don’t have much time to ship. But I love every character- some less, some more – but I appreciate the process of Grey’s Anatomy!

With that said, I realize that we all claim to have Ph.D.’s on Grey’s – we all claim to know why and how these ships work or why/how they don’t! So instead of trying to convince or make anyone understand the depths of Crowen – I thought a panel was a brilliant idea.

As some of you may or may not know-Lisa ships Crowen. I do not ship Crowen, but I root for them, I hope for them! And my experience with Crowen shippers is that most of them are kind and non-judgmental of other ships on the show (as it should be-there’s no competition or contest, these ships coexist on the show and their shippers in the fandom should as well). Yet most of what you hear about Crowen is that they’re in trouble! They don’t belong together! Crowen’s relationship is only physical! The issue of having a child is their “deal-breaker”-The list goes on and on yet unfortunately, often the opinions of the Crowen fans aren’t included in said list.

Because of the suggestion, we realized that every ship (and their fandom) deserves to have a voice. With this Crowen panel we wanted to give the opportunity for shippers to have that voice, to view this pairing through the eyes of shippers, and also to allow shippers and non-shippers to express their opinions on the pairing in an articulate, sane – and unapologetically passionate – way.

Here’s the panel of amazing souls who get Crowen and one or two that claim to get Crowen but doesn’t necessarily believe that Crowen is best as one…. Liv


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1) What originally drew you to the pairing of Crowen and what do you think makes their relationship unique?

@crowen4ever: I was already a huge fan of Cristina, and of course Sandra OH, who I just think is amazing. I remember watching the season 5 premier; there was a moment where I shouted out “He’s going to be Cristina’s love interest”! –  Now this is before I really started reading spoilers, So I wasn’t aware he was coming back. Something about their scenes. It was when she was stapling up his leg. Just to see Cristina be taken back by someone, it was just really lovely…Like Cristina; I think Owen Hunt had us all at “So?” ;)  I’m so happy Shonda introduced Kevin McKidd to us. KENDRA a.k.a Sandra & Kevin have some amazing chemistry.

EllaMarie: In S.5 Cristina was a broken survivor ready to rejoin life and Owen was the first man who saw her as she was, was drawn to her as the person he saw her to be, and communicated with her from the status of being equals. Owen was a strong man not at all intimidated by Cristina’s outer shell or her bravado and yet he never shied from showing his vulnerability and thoughtfulness even in their first exchanges. Their uniqueness, to me, stems from their ability to see each other more clearly through the others’ eyes than they do sometimes through their own. The love and support and faults they reflect back to each other informs who they are and helps them grow in ways that resonates with me, making them a stronger force together than either have been singularly or could be apart.

@kayright: I have always been a big fan of Cristina’s character. She is career driven and makes no apologies for it, she is deliciously sarcastic and most of all she has a good heart. A precious heart that she does not share with everyone… We saw her do it with Burke and slowly we saw her losing herself (and her eyebrows!). And Owen! Love Owen, he’s my guy! Actually no! He’s my man! Owen came into the picture and immediately established his masculinity, his tough attitude, his strong stances he was appealing because he was a nice opposition to Derek’s dreamy, romantic, sensitive type and Mark’s shallow vanity. What I’m saying is: I love Cristina and Owen as individuals! And that’s where it all starts! A shipper must love the two people in the couple individually, in order to want what is best for both characters.

L: Cristina has been my favorite character since I started watching in season 1 and I was very intrigued by Owen’s first appearance on the show and the chemistry between Cristina and Owen. Two scenes drew me to this pairing: the first when Owen tells Cristina “I think you’re beautiful” and the other was the first time Owen took Cristina to the hospital vent. Cristina and Owen have always been unique to me because of their love and passion for one another and their determination to fight for their relationship even when no one else believes in them.

@milee1017: “I don’t even know you.”  “So?” Their looks and flirty banter along with seeing Cristina Yang actually smitten by the army surgeon badass. When Owen returns broken by war, they both unwillingly fall in love with each other.  Getting to watch that heart achingly beautiful love story unfold each Thursday had me watching Grey’s again. Honestly none of that would have worked without Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd having chemistry that sizzled on my TV screen. Their relationship is unique by the challenges they’ve faced (multiple bouts of PTSD, career, child issue, etc…) but met by a fierce commitment and loyalty to one another.

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2) Crowen has experienced a lot of lows in their relationship, but they have also experienced a lot of joy together. What have been some of their most memorable lows and highs and how do you think those moments have shaped them into the couple they are today?

@crowen4ever: Owens PTSD storyline in S5 has always been one of my favorites. I think the Greys writers did a really nice job. Kevin was just wonderful. 5×19, I’m sure no one forgets that one- So much happened. I think it really shaped Cristina and Owen into what they are now. Owen learned how to trust Cristina, Let someone care for him and I think Cristina learned how to care for someone who wasn’t just her patient. I think that’s when Cris realized she had fallen in love. Then of course that love scene. This is there most memorable, for me. Last season, S8- Rough year and was hard on everyone. Cristina and Owen went through a rough time; I think that was the lowest they’ve gotten. I will say it’s only made them stronger. If you’re watching them this season, I know the first part with Cris going to Mayo was hard, but we’re now seeing that it actually really helped her. I don’t believe it was to hurt Owen in any way. I think she needed that, to find herself again…She found what she really wanted, that was Owen and her friends. I think Cristina has really grown as a doctor, but also as a person. I think Cristina and Owen have become much stronger because of the things they’ve gone through. They’ve chosen to not let it tear them apart…

EllaMarie: Both a memorable low and high – S.5′s PTSD-related choking. Owen was struggling to face his illness and this could have been an even more tragic situation yet Cristina opened her arms to him, accepted him, loved him through both his and her own pain, allowing him to step onto the path of facing his PTSD and hoping she’d be there for him as he healed and then finding that she would definitely be by his side. This situation initiated their ability to navigate emotionally fraught situations and let their love lead them through it, as in the next memorable both low and high.S.9′s lounge scene in which Cristina goes to Owen and says she wants them to try again – Her first approach is to ask him about the lawsuit, as if she’s not sure there’s enough left between them for her to make this effort given that he’s filed for divorce. And when she first asks him about the lawsuit being his reason for the divorce he’s shut down, guarded, seemingly confused. Yet when she dares to show him her own heart in saying she wants them to try again he blossoms instantly in front of her, is drawn straight into her arms. It’s a situation in which they again learn that the only answer is sharing what their hearts want, finding words to express it, and that they will can rely on each other as they face challenges along the path.

@kayright: My all-time favorite Cristina and Owen scene will always be the 5×14 scene where Cristina forces a panicking Owen into a “hug”. And when you think about it, it is very symbolic of their relationship. An issue will rise (in this situation Beth shows up), they find a physical way to ease the pain (in this case a hug, but often sex) and then… Well, then they don’t fix the actual issue!

L: The most memorable low for me was when they were in therapy for one episode in season 8. It was raw and angry and they both were trying to be heard by the other to no avail, because their emotions were just too intense and on the surface. For two characters who keep so much bottled up it was a very painful scene to watch them lash out and to watch them so defeated at the end of that session. The most memorable highs for me will always be when they married and looked so genuinely happy in exchanging rings in saying ‘I do’ and the moment Cristina says ‘yes’ to being with Owen in season five. I think the moments they fight through that are painful and hurtful ultimately make the moments of joy between them worth waiting for and show how in spite of their history, they really do want to be together.

@milee1017: Lows- Fight at Zola’s birthday party, the ineffective counseling session in S8, Owen admitting to having an affair, Cristina saying she’s leaving! Highs- Shower Scene in S5, Take Care Now, S5 Finale, their wedding, Cristina buying Owen the firehouse, Cristina wanting to try again ending with Owen agreeing by his passionate response. All the lows and highs give this couple depth. Once you have to fight for something it makes you appreciate it so much more. This is why they are so strong today because they have faced all the trials put in front them by the writers and made it to the other side together

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3) Why do you think Crowen fight to stay together despite their baggage/issues over the years?

@crowen4ever: The deep bond that they have for sure. S5 proved they got one, no one could ever touch. Now this season, with the lawsuit that happened they’re in love. I think we saw when Cris was in Mayo and sleeping with Parker, it wasn’t making her happy. It wasn’t the same as being with Owen. Someone you actually care about and love. I think they fight for each other because they are truly the only people who get each other. In a world where no one understands you, it can get pretty lonely and dark. They need each other.

EllaMarie: These two emotionally isolating people found solace in each other and have consistently found that solace even as they have faced challenges together because they see each other truly, in all their beauty and struggles. Their hearts have never let go of the love they share in that ability to see each other. Their shared understanding of trauma and the way it can shape a person’s life has given them a basis for believing, along the lines of what Owen said in an early S.5 episode, until you’ve exhausted all the options it’s not false, it’s just hope. And their love provides them options they would never have found on their own.

@kayright: l feel like Cristina and Owen’s relationship is possibly the only grey’s couple that was always truly treated like a complex adult relationship. And here I do not mean that they deal with their issues in what would be qualified as a mature way because news flash, adulthood does not mean that maturity magically flies in to help you deal with your problems. I mean that the issues they address are deep, complicated and true (PTSD, children, cheating, and abortion); their relationship is hardly ever light, easy or treated as a joke. Yeah, their problems are also lengthy and for a TV show I must agree they really are except (and this is scary…) that’s actually something that often happens in real life. We drag issues for way longer than we should!  They love one another, it’s been said. It’s been shown. Love is there. Cristina loves Owen and Owen loves Cristina.

L: They fight to stay together because they love each other and want to be together, and because I believe they are genuinely happier when they are together in spite of their baggage and issues. It would be very easy for them to give up and move on because it would be ‘easier’, but instead we see them fighting to work through their issues and very slowly trying to come out on the other side of those issues.

@milee1017: they fight to stay together because of their love for each other and that Sandra and Kevin love working together. I consider them to be acting soul mates too.  Although they have differences organic to their characters and others that is plot driven by the writers, they have this emotional connection and need that can only be fulfilled by the other.


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4) Kevin McKidd once made a comment that growth comes in fits and starts and is not always a linear process for Crowen. Did you see growth in either of the characters in season 9, if so, in what ways? Has that growth/lack of growth had an impact on their relationship this season?

@crowen4ever: Growth has been there biggest change this season both together and separate. Cristina has grown a lot as a person and doctor, thanks to Mayo/ Dr. Thomas and maybe the plane crash, which would change a person for sure. Communication has been the biggest “growth” they’ve had. It’s amazing to see them talk. I know some were disappointed in the “talk” but I will give Cristina credit for attempting to bring it up. It was a start. I don’t think it will end there…I just want more scenes of them talking, because they’ve really become a team. It’s beautiful. They had a scene where they were lying in bed, everyone kept calling them. That might be one of my favorite scenes this season. It was just them, no one else mattered. :)

EllaMarie: I definitely see growth in both Cristina and Owen this season. They have each stepped outside of their communication comfort zones to share painful words with each other. Owen has spent the season taking care of everything for everyone because he could admit to Cristina that he didn’t feel ready for or deserving of forgiveness after the crash. And Cristina has consistently shown herself to be in Owen’s corner, to have his back, even to the extent of showing us in this week’s episode she’s grown brave enough to bring up the issue of Owen wanting children.


@kayright: I think most of the season 9 growth was done by Cristina. She grew as a surgeon, as a teacher, but also as someone who is more perceptive to Owen’s feelings and sensible to his life desires. We saw it through the lawsuit storyline and we now see it with Ethan’s story. In fact I feel like Cristina is more aware of what’s going on with Owen than he is aware himself.

L: Cristina has absolutely grown this season in her approach to her work and to her relationship with Owen. In season 8 we saw instances of her not necessarily being aware of what Owen was feeling and thinking, and in season 9 we saw her not only being sensitive to Owen’s position such as during the lawsuit and during the whole Ethan situation, but actively trying to be there for Owen and supporting him. I think we also saw Owen step up in this season after Cristina had told him she was leaving in season 8. He was there for her and cared for her fiercely after the plane crash and he also took responsibility for his part in the plane crash. Owen also was willing to divorce Cristina so she-and the others-could get the money from the plane crash lawsuit in spite of the fact that he clearly did not want to make that permanent step. Both of the characters have made strides this season and I think it has impacted their relationship in a positive way. The mutual support that was one of their main issues during season 8 and the idea of being one another’s ‘person’ has be reflected a lot in their interactions this season and it has helped their relationship progress beyond where it was in season 8.

@milee1017: Both Cristina and Owen have grown this season. Cristina left Seattle ready to escape emotional attachments. Yet she forms one that she had been missing in her life since she was nine years old. Dr. Thomas gave her the mentor and father figure she needed. His focus on career and his unexpected death showed her that people do matter and not to run away from that anymore. This is why we finally saw Cristina pursuing another chance with Owen regardless of their past baggage.  For Owen, he is more aware of their differences and problems. Although a romantic at a heart, he seems more of a realist now. Hopefully, this will help C/O discuss and work through their issues when the writers finally let them talk.


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5) Are Crowen’s sex scenes this season a retread of season 6/season 8 and of burying themselves in sex? Do you believe that they are only together for the sex?

@crowen4ever: Let’s just start with, Crowns love scenes, are HOT. How Owen kisses Cristina is hot. He’s not eating her, he’s loving her. What women wouldn’t enjoy that! I don’t see Cristina complaining.  It’s not just sex, now in season 6 when Owen was trying to keep Cristina all to himself, instead of letting her go work with Teddy, maybe, a little? but we were not complaining! Like Cristina said, it was hot, but she knew something was up. Maybe sometimes Cris and Owen have sex to heal the hurt, but for the most part, it’s not the only reason they’re together… I think most of it comes from how much they love each other. They have a good sex life. No shame in that ;). I think that’s part of their deep bond they have. A reason I believe it’s more for them, is because Cristina and Owen built a relationship & trust before anything else. They were in love way before they even had sex. Most relationships build after they hit the sheets. That’s a reason I know it’s more than just sex for them. (CO already being in love, made that love scene even better. Who’s going to watch it after this??? ;))

EllaMarie: For two people who struggle sometimes to find words, their physical intimacy is a language to which they always have access. Yet I wouldn’t say they’ve been burying themselves in sex this season, nor do I believe that’s the reason they are together. As professional struggles have piled up on both of them, their sex scenes this season have shown their ability to find joy in each other again rather than being about hiding from their issues or the outside world. And the way they are rebuilding their emotional intimacy out in the world informs their physical intimacy, making it all the more tender and sexy.

@kayright: They need to stop putting their tongues all over one another and start using it to t.a.l.k! We have been saying it for 3 seasons now Ethan on top of Owen’s cheating on top of an already painful abortion story that never got closure is a just a bomb waiting to explode! Crowen is in a mine field, they are both standing on mines and they know that as soon as they will move it’ll all blow up. They are at a standstill avoiding that moment, but you can only remain stagnant for so long.

L: Their sex scenes this season are about reconnection as opposed to a strictly physical interaction to ignore their problems. It’s obvious not all of their problems are solved but I don’t believe the sex is a way to avoid it-I believe they are trying to regain some lightness in their relationship and remember why they want to be together. As far as the sex, it’s obviously an important component of their relationship (and they clearly enjoy it!)-however, Cristina and Owen have never been together just for the sex. They could get that anywhere (and have, unfortunately)-in season 5 they were together and struggling through the newness and complexities of their relationship for 19 episodes without having sex. Cristina and Owen are together because they love one another and want to find a way to be together-it’s never been just about sex for them.

@milee1017: The love scenes this season are about their reconnection. Having almost lost each other and the separation, they just want the time to enjoy being together again. They both know they will have to deal with their ongoing issues soon enough. C/O are definitely not only together for the sex. They went about six months developing their relationship and friendship before taking it the physical level.  Even though the writers had them use sex instead of words in S6 and S8, their emotional connection and being there for each other through the good, bad and ugly always remained even when it was battered or tested which makes them so much more than sex. Sex buddies don’t go into showers clothed, attend PTSD therapy sessions, love you whether a surgeon or plumber, bathe you when you are too traumatized to do it yourself and support you through the most intense professional crisis of your career and buy you a really cool x-ray machine to name just a few examples.

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6) Cristina says in 9.21 that she’s losing Owen. What can/should be done to prevent that?

@crowen4ever: Cristina loves Owen; she already knows what life is like without him. Sucks. It’s scary to think you could lose the one person you love. I don’t think she’s losing Owen. That man loves her.

EllaMarie: Mostly, what Cristina needs to do is show Owen her own heart, her willingness to be in this life with him, her interest in his side of things. Communication is the key here, to share her words with him as a way to, hopefully, draw him out. They must face the lessons of their past to build a future together and the first step is for Cristina to show that fear and concern about their relationship to Owen.

@kayright: In 9.21 she tells Alex “I think I’m losing Owen.” in 9.22 Owen tells her “I want you.” and we know he does, he wants her, we’ve always known that, but that was never the issue. The issue is: is loving/wanting someone enough when in reality you do not want the same things? As far as we know Cristina does not want kids and Owen does want them, he did not take a new stand on the issue. Look at Cristina’s face in that moment, it is still full of insecurity, there is no avoidance possible now, they both  want different things and if they want to stay together one will have to cave on one of the most fundamental and important decision that a human can make. Do you understand the outcome here? It’s an actual human life we are talking about!

L: She and Owen need to talk. Both fans and non-fans of the pairing clearly know that some sort of verbalizing of what they both want moving forward needs to happen and it’s clear the issue has been dragged on for far too long at this point in season 9. In the following episode we have an important statement from Owen-that he wants Cristina, something that is important to hear after all of the season 8 issues and their difficult first half of season 9, but in order to actually address their issues, we need to hear them state what they really want and how, if they want to be together, they are going to move forward. They did not address this in season 8 even though their differences were very clearly highlighted, and it’s time they addressed those differences and how they can make it work.

@milee1017: the writers after three seasons need to finally have C/O talk and make some difficult choices together. Cristina needs to hear where Owen is now about having children, and he needs to hear her stance.  He has to be honest with himself and Cristina about what he is feeling with his present bonding with Ethan. Then together decide if they can make it work. If they choose to stay together, compromises will need to be made by both. I have my own opinion on how I hope this turns out. Ultimately it will be Shondaʼs vision for the characters that we will see, then we can choose to still watch or not in S10. The most important thing for me is regardless if they do or do not become parents is hoping they remember you never know what will strike next in life especially in Shondaland so you don’t have a moment to waste not being with the one you love.

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7) Do you believe that Owen wants a baby/child/family, period or that he wants those things only with Cristina? Is there any way that they can work through the issue of children so they can be together?

@crowen4ever: We know he’s imagined such a huge life for himself and Cris (that line gets me every time…) I think that he imagined having a family with Cristina, who wouldn’t want a little Cristina running around? ;) . For me, I fell in love with Cristina and Owen… If I could have anything, I’d want them together and happy. If a baby or child came, I would be happy for them. But it has to be something they both want. We have to see them talking about no more surprises. I do think Cristina and Owen are at that point where they could sit down and really talk about it now. When the writers actually let that happen, is not Cristina and Owen’s fault.

EllaMarie:We’ve heard very few words from Owen about his desire to have children so it’s difficult for me to say whether he wants family in general or specifically only a family with Cristina. My heart believes him when he says that Cristina is the love of his life so I would be inclined to believe that family with her would be the ideal.  And yes, I fully believe they can work through the issue of children and be together. It starts with communication and showing each other their hearts because the only way through a situation is together. A love never knows what it can bear alone, it takes both people being willing to share their feelings and words to know where each person stands and what that love means to each person.

@kayright: If one of them changes their stance it will be Owen and unless his change comes from enormous trauma that makes him never want to have children ever (for instance Ethan dying in his arms). I am honestly not sure if it is “safe” or “sane”. Is Owen ready to give up his desire to become a parent? Is Cristina ready to cave and give him a child? But more importantly, are they ready to face the unavoidable resentment that will come from this “compromise”. And do remember that Owen was holding her hand the day of the abortion, making us think that he was somewhat supportive only to throw it spitefully back in her face in public only a few episodes later! Are they ready to truly compromise on an issue that involves the well-being and happiness of a child? I want them both happy if they need to part ways to live the life that they want for themselves, who am I to argue against it? Life shows us that love is not always enough, why wouldn’t Grey’s Anatomy be brave enough to try to show that too? And maybe sometimes love means; let the other person be happy without me.

L: We heard Owen say that he wants Cristina in this past episode. I believe that he doesn’t just want a baby or a child with some other woman but that his dream was to have a family with Cristina. We have heard Shonda give interviews stating that she believes very strongly in Cristina’s desire to not want children or to be a mother. Shonda has also said that unlike season 8, Cristina and Owen will address the issue of children differently this time around and that she wanted to show a couple fighting to be together. I think we will see Owen choose being with Cristina over having children. They have been through a lot in the past couple of seasons and though I believe it will be something that will not come easily for him and it will be a slow process to truly talk through and make the decision, I think if they do show Cristina and Owen talking and genuinely making a commitment to be together and figure out what they want in their life together, that they can work through the issue of children without the blowups of resentment that occurred from not talking about their issues that were in season 8.


@milee1017: I think Owen is exploring that right now. On one hand, he does want to be a dad and has this need to nurture although he isn’t acknowledging it based on the last episode. Yet, if the writers will not let Cristina compromise on being open to adoption or having a baby then Owen will need to decide what means more to him- being a father or Cristina. Hopefully, we will get that resolution in the finale.

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8) Would Crowen be happier apart than together? Why or why not based on what we’ve seen from them this and in previous seasons?

@crowen4ever: Well, we’ve already kind of seen what they’re like a part. I think they could both find someone else to be with, but I don’t think they would be as happy as they could be together. There would always be that what/If (We all seen that episode, it wasn’t pretty…) I think they will fight to stay together, not so much stay in love. Because we know they will always love each other….

EllaMarie: I believe that Cristina and Owen are stronger together, more of a force together, happier together than they could ever be apart. Even in conflict-laden situations they have always been able to show each other the way, to reach each other in ways no one else can. Example: Owen was working so diligently to push through the Pegasus sale this season and Cristina had his back, admonished others to support his efforts as well. It was only to Cristina that he was able to let down his guard, express his doubts about the sale. And it was only then that she supported the crash survivors’ plan to find financing to buy the hospital themselves, to provide Owen another option that might take some of weight of salvaging the hospital off his shoulders. Their paths and their eventual solutions might appear unconventional, yet that only makes me love them more.

@kayright: Crowen tried to be happy apart this season and it obviously did not work except at that point they had not faced their differences properly. Once they do and understand what they want individually then they will be able to make a decision that will benefit their long term happiness.

L: No. We’ve seen them apart many times in the last few seasons and they were never happier for it. We have even seen an alternate reality episode where Cristina and Owen aren’t together and where Owen has kids where they were not happy without one another. They have huge issues to work through-something fans and non-fans of the pairing can acknowledge-but I don’t believe they would be happier apart. I also believe that after the events of season 8 and after the plane crash/lawsuit in season 9, that their perspectives have shifted and they are willing to do things differently and approach their relationship differently than they have in the past so that they can be happy together in the future.

@milee1017: C/O are much happier together. Cristina although living her dream professionally was still miserable in Minnesota because she cut all ties with Owen. In Seattle, Owen couldn’t sleep and was just trying to get by a day at a time. Both of them felt something huge was missing from their lives- each other.

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9) What makes you root or not root for this pairing?

@crowen4ever:  Sandra Oh & Kevin McKidd (KENDRA). Hands down, the best working TV couple ever. They bring Cristina and Owen alive. You feel there pain, you laugh and cry with them. It’s one emotional rollercoaster, but it’s been the best ride! Even through the worst of times, KENDRA has never once let us down. There acting is superb! How Crowen keep showing up for each other. Their history. It’s too hard to just forget or throw away, or even for Crowen to just move on from.  My fellow Crowen shippers, we’ve been through a lot together. We don’t always agree, but that’s okay… The one thing we have in common is out love for Crowen. We all want the best for them. I love being a part of #TEAMCrowen.

EllaMarie: Watching them grow together, find solace in each other, be better people together than they are apart is what makes me root for this pairing.

@kayright:  I root for Cristina’s happiness and Owen’s happiness and whatever it takes to make them happy in a way that is realistic, sane and organic.

L: Honestly, I root for them because they want it so much. Their love, passion and willingness to try again with one another time and again makes me root for them and makes me passionate about this pairing. Things are never easy for them and they will never be the ‘bright and shiny’ couple, but I enjoy watching them experience those searing, devastating lows and brilliant, eye-opening highs together and every other emotion on the spectrum. I also root for this pairing because of Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd’s commitment to the characters and to the complexities of the relationship. Their acting has elevated so many of Cristina and Owen’s scenes together and I have loved watching them play off of one another over the last few years.

@milee1017: Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh – their chemistry, passion and commitment to C/O keeps me rooting for them regardless of the obstacles and insane plot twists put in their way.


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10) Final thoughts you’d like to add/address any misconceptions about Crowen.

@crowen4ever: Keep cheering for Crowen. Show ABC, Kevin, Shonda, & Sandra how much we love and support this couple. They already know that, but extra love never hurt anyone. I think this season has been pretty good for CO. Compare it to last year, and they’ve come a long ways. They’ve grown so much together. I know they haven’t talked (yet) about the main issue, they kind of hit on it, but I think there is more to come… I think they had to rebuild before they jumped back into that topic… They’ve come a long ways. The Crowen we fell in love with are still there…They’ve just grown up, and they’ll keep growing…

EllaMarie: Just to reiterate that no love is black and white or lives or dies on one issue; that what’s a deal breaker for one person may or may not be for others and that love is love and that’s what Owen and Cristina have found together.

@kayright: The “I want you” moment in 9.22 that lasts 5 seconds does not fix 3 years of not communicating after an abortion, cheating and other issues. You want to give us season long arcs of drama after drama, with no clear resolution or decision concerning what they want as a couple. Fine! But if the writers actually want to fix this and go on with Crowen I better get season long arcs of resolution that is realistic, sane and organic.

L: Not so much about Cristina/Owen, but about their fans-if anyone knows and understands their issues, it’s the Cristina/Owen fan base. Whatever reservations other viewers have about the pairing, their fans have them too and understand that there is no easy fix that will wrap up their issues in just a few episodes. But we also see different dimensions of the pairing and believe that, ultimately, they are happier and better together than apart. Their journey is not a linear or easy one and yes, they have had stories and issues that have been excruciatingly dragged out, but as Sandra Oh said in a 2012 interview about Cristina and Owen, the show is illustrating their relationship as a living, breathing entity in real time. Their story is not over yet and as Sandra also stated in her interview, Cristina and Owen this season are rewriting their own rules together. Can’t wait to see what is in store for them…

@milee1017: No one person has been more at fault or loves the other more. Both have been traumatized and suffered. Both have made small and big mistakes. Both have been stubborn and selfish. Both have hurt each other to their core. Both love each other immensely.

crowen take care now



It is our hope that through this panel, the complex, infinite and amazing love of Crowen comes through. Although the realities of life and all of its ups and downs will always be reflected in the Crowen relationship, their love is strong, unconditional and will continue to grow-to paraphrase what Owen once said in season 6, “they matter!”! *Also any viewpoint while we love as Lisa & Liv- GG remains the United Nations of Grey! We respect and love every ship! We love you Crowen!! We would also like to thank this amazing panel and to each of you we appreciate your time, your opinions and your amazing grey hearts…

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!!

Take Care Now 

Lisa & Liv





  1. wow! that was a very interesting read.
    very insightful. I;ve always been a fan of Cristina and Sandra who plays her so i clicked to see what this was all about.

    let me just say that i was always of the “free Cristina” opinion – however after reading this i’m actually inclined to watch this pair closely without my previous bias against Owen.

    would love for you guys to do a panel on Calzona!
    i always thought i was a die-hard Calzona shipper but after last weeks episode and this weeks sneak previews I am so ready to jump to the Bobbins ship (Arizona and Lauren). I feel so bad right now but these 2 have gotten my full attention :)

    • @jyturrin, thank you for your feedback! It is possible we will do a panel on each ship! We hope to she’s some light on Crowens ship in the hopes that everyone will see their relationship with open eyes! It’s all up to the person watching what the view will be! We appreciate your insight & thanks for visiting the site!! Lisa & Liv

  2. Nice! I like this panel idea n I totes agree with fellow OC fans on this. only want the best for them so Shonda better give them the best she has. thx for this!

    • @Gead, thank you for your feedback & appreciation of Crowen!!
      We are glad you were able to see into the insight of both the pros & the cons of Crowens shippers & the ones who don’t ship!
      Thanks for visiting the site
      Lisa & Liv

  3. I’m fan of Rome, start to watch GA because Kevin joined in GA, before that I didn’t like the character Cristina !
    Thank you! Great stuff, keep collection!

    • @tonywife, we love Rome & we love Kevin Mc Kidd we appreciate you reading. & you enjoying!!
      Thank you for your feedback

  4. I love Cristina. As long as she doesn’t change her mind about having kids, I’m fine with whatever happens.

    • @Liz, we appreciate your feedback & understand why you feel this way! After all Cristina describes herself as a “double” doctor :)
      Thank you for your feedback
      Lisa & Liv

  5. CO have become a joke by this point. It´s a tragedy because they started very promising back in season 5.

    I don´t see the love between them, passion yes, but not love.

    Writers have conveniently waited until KMK´s contract is up in the air for CO to have the real talk they should have had a long time ago. That says it all.

    Sex is all they have left as a couple.

    • @sunflower, sorry you feel that anything Shonda or the Greys writers does is a joke! It’s probably more effective that you go to to voice your dislike – here it’s only love! This article was or is not a debate- it was so Crowen shippers can have a voice- we don’t control story lines or why Crowen faces the adversity or challenges that they face!
      Thanks for visiting the site Lisa & Liv

      • @Lisa&Liv,

        thanks for taking time to do this panel.

        I blame the writers and namely Shonda that I can´t relate to Crowen anymore. Both actors are great but writing sucks.

  6. I want Owen to become a dad. No one should be made to abdicate on being a parent just to stay with someone. Cristina aborted the child, there was nothing he could do, she doesn´t change who she is. Why should Owen change for her? It isn´t right.

    • @sunflower, we appreciate your opinion- that’s up to the writers – but if either Cristina or Owen compromise it will be up to them!
      It’s their choice.
      Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts!
      Lisa & Liv

  7. Best bit on Greys Gabble yet! Thank you!

    • @SmallsLuvs, thank you so much- took some time & effort but so worth it! For the Crowen ship & for the fandom!! They matter – so very true ;-)
      Lisa & Liv

  8. Glad you did this. I have been a CrOwen shipper since he gave her that first kiss. We used to congregate on the show message board and really relay our hopes for this couple but as the seasons went on everyone started to become quiet and drift away. After the abortion issue everything seemed to circle the drain and I think CrOwen fans became disappointed in where the couple has ended up. I know I have. Hopefully there is a ray of sunshine somewhere. Oh and you were so right about CrOwen fans being “kind and non judgemental” of the other ships. We have been through so much with ours we try to lend a helping hand when the others are sinking.

    • @robbin thank you so much! We appreciate your feedback! We will always support & believe in #Crowens love! Thanks again!

  9. such a great, insightful panel – great job, Grey’s gabble and all the panelists :)

  10. after s7 abortion, s8 cheating,s9 divoce, I still love Owen/Cristina ,will be rooting for them!

  11. iv had this page bookmarked since the day it uploaded..and the one time i wrote a comment in teh middle of my exams it got deleted before i could hit send!


    i love cristina. i love owen. i love crowen.

    if there ever was a meant-to-be-together couple it has to be owen and cristina. not just in greys, but in the history of television. that is how passionately i ship them!

    no matter how broken or bent or stretched(make that over-stretched)their road might be, i for one will never stop believing that they will still manage to find their way back.

    if i had to choose, i choose owen over cristina (and kevin over sandra!)…but that would never happen as owen as a character will always be in love with this brilliant, fascinating, gorgeous, funny, talented woman…even if they went seperate ways..i dont think he could ever look at her passing by in the corridor without so much love that only kevin mckidd can portray through his expressions..

    their true happiness lies with one another, in sweet private moments, in a 2 second joke, in a glance across the room, in the touch that conveys more than sex. holding hands,leaning on each other, smiling and laughing and TALKING!

    abortion,cheating,kids…theres is nothing that cannot be sorted out in the face of true love.
    because THEY MATTER.