Isaiah Washington’s Return to TV

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Hey, family!

Looks like Grey’s Anatomy alum, Isaiah Washington, is heading back to the small screen and will be starring on a new show on the CW!


Rejoice, Preston Burke fans! Former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington is officially headed back to TV. Since leaving the ABC medical drama six years ago, Isaiah focused his attention toward off-screen projects. Now, the actor will star in The CW’s The 100, which was recently picked up by the network.

Isaiah will play Jaha, the leader of the remaining human race now living in an orbiting space station. Considering how well he played stone-faced Dr. Burke in Grey’s Anatomy, Isaiah sounds perfect for this role.

For more info on Mr. Washington and his new show, click the source link below!


Whoo hoo! I really miss Dr. Burke. And I think Isaiah Washington is a phenomenal actor. I’m sure he’ll knock this new show out of the park. I hope it does well :)

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  1. Totally agree Greytxcape! IW really is a great actor. He actually has a few films that debuted at film festivals, Jesse Williams is in one of them. I miss him as Dr. Burke.

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