Sarah Drews Gets Spoiler-y w/ THR

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Below the cut you’ll find a great interview The Hollywood Reporter scored with Sarah Drew concerning the little (no so little) surprise she received on tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, 9×23 – “Readiness Is All” and a little peek into what’s coming in the finale!


April may have found her dream dork.

THR: How many takes did the Flash Mob take?
Drew: We had two big rehearsals leading up to it — one was a full day and the other was half a day. It took 10 hours to shoot.

THR: Will April have made a decision between Matthew and Jackson by season’s end?
Drew: We end the season with her in complete and total confusion and incredibly emotional about the confusion.

THR: What can you tell us about whose life is in danger in the finale?
Drew: April isn’t involved with that. However, it’s very scary and it’s very much hanging in balance at the end of the finale.

To read the rest of this awesome interview, please click the source link below!

(Source|The Hollywood Reporter)

Awesome! I for one LOVED that flash mob and Matthew is definitely a great fit for April… or is he? What do you think?

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