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“I had this badass professor in med school.  She seemed invincible.  Then one day she needed her gall bladder out.  And the surgery killed her.  Her platelets stopped clotting.  She bled out on the table.  Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.  Surgeons have a name for it.  We call it a perfect storm.  Funny, never thought it would happen to me.”

As I sit here, a full day after the season 9 finale has aired, I’m still in shock. I’m talking emotionally hangover and straight up physically drained.  Shonda wasn’t kidding when she advised viewers to hug a friend! (For me… I chose to hug a bottle of wine, which thinking back could be the reason for the hangover….) Annnnyyyyways…. a lot happened last night.  And when I say a lot, I mean a crazy ton of information, dialog, feelings, and storylines were crammed into 42 minutes of television that I’m still not able to fully process, even after watching it 3 times since.  As a result, I’m approaching my recap from a different angle this time around and strongly encourage you all to chime in with your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on what went down in the finale.  Let’s round-table-discuss this if you will.  Bare with me folks…. I’m still in recovery mode from the “drama and thrills” JCap referred to.  Speaking of which, anyone else find themselves in the fetal position this morning or was that just me??

At the top of the episode, Owen bids Ethan and Paul farewell as the helicopter arrives to take them to an alternative hospital for safety before the brunt of the storm hits.  In the elevator, Cristina calls Owen out by admitting she knows he took an interest in adopting Ethan, prior to Paul coming out of the coma.  Cristina sternly reminds Owen that while she knows he wants kids that is something she will never give him.  Owen continues to reassure her that he loves her and wants his life to be with her but Cristina points out that although he may love her, he may also end up resenting her for keeping him from having the family they both know he wants.


At the end of last week’s episode we see an excitedly nervous Meredith and Derek get the surprise of a lifetime as Mer’s water broke while they were prepping to wait out the storm at the hospital.  It comes as no surprise to Cristina when Meredith goes into labor as the super storm heads their way, but nonetheless, she’s in labor and they have to figure out a plan. Quickly!  As the OB assesses Meredith’s condition, she diagnoses the baby with face presentation, a position in which the baby is coming out face first.  Due to the risky nature of the birthing process under those conditions, the OB informs Meredith she will be giving birth by Cesarean section.  As if that wasn’t enough for Mer and Der to process, the lights suddenly go out and the hospital is out of power.  Great. Is there anything else that could go wrong?  Wait, forget I asked!  Meredith reluctantly agrees to proceed with the C-section and before long; a beautiful McBaby boy arrives into the world.  At first, he doesn’t cry, leaving Meredith to believe something was wrong.  Alas, he was just a little tuckered from it all and needed a little extra monitoring, just to be on the safe side.  Derek leaves with their newborn son while Shane stays behind to close up Meredith but something’s not right.  Meredith begins to suffer from internal bleeding from the fall she took earlier but manages to talk Shane through the process of locating the source and controlling the bleeding. (PS…. Can we say rockstar? I mean who else do we know can walk their intern through a surgical procedure that’s being performed on themselves??  Genius writing, Stacy. Epic acting, Ellen!)  Shane continues to operate on Meredith, using her as his surgical how-to manual until she loses consciousness from lack of blood.  Before she goes under, she gives Shane strict instructions to let her die if she arrests for more than 9 minutes.  Um, whoa.  Not the easiest of work conditions to perform under, eh Shane?  I mean, no pressure, right?! 

Bailey gets suited up for her first surgery back in the OR but warily backs out at the last minute.  Richard takes over the procedure for her and midway through, the power goes out.  Richard gives Frank (the mechanical engineer for the hospital) direct orders to get back to the basement to see why the backup generator hasn’t kicked in yet.  Meanwhile, Richard’s patient suddenly needs the attention of a cardio surgeon and the only one on staff in the hospital at this point is none other than Cristina Yang!  Cristina, extremely resistant to performing heart surgery on the patient in the dark, begrudgingly agrees to proceed with the surgery after some persistent coaxing from Richard.  After struggling to find the source of the problem on the patient, Richard urges her to “hear” the patient’s problem rather than see it.  She listens carefully and after a few moments, manages to find the source of the bleed and proceeds to successfully save the patient’s life.  Afterwards in the scrub room, Cristina thanks Richard for making her a better doctor and with that; all is good in the world….. Right??  Not yet?  Oh….


Jumping a few moments earlier in the episode, we see a flustered Arizona quickly regain composure from just having done the unthinkable with Dr. Boswell in the on-call room.  She knows what she did was wrong and wants to quickly forget it even happened. The NICU needs all hands on deck and after assessing that they’re short-staffed, Alex welcomes an eager Lauren to help where she can, even if it’s against Arizona’s wishes.  The power goes out and all of the infant’s ventilators switch to back-up batteries that eventually lose juice, which ultimately causes mass panic with all of the tiny human makers.  Fear not though!  McDreamy himself keeps everyone calm by suggesting the parents of the infant’s bag (ventilate) their own babies, with the help of instructions given by Jo. Don’t think her take-charge attitude went unnoticed by Alex either, by the way!

In the lobby of the hospital, Callie, April, Matthew, Owen, Jackson, Bailey and Leah are busily tending to patients while the storm continues to hit GSMH.  Suddenly, a crash is heard and as the docs look to see what caused the commotion, a bus loses control and crashes outside the hospital doors.  The bus flips on its side and ignites instantly.  The doctors run to see if anyone was injured and quickly begin to evacuate all the passengers stuck inside… 

Bailey and Leah make a mad dash to the medicine cabinet to get supplies for the injured patients in the bus crash but since the power is out, the computer is locked and won’t let them have access to the locked up meds.  As if that wasn’t enough crazy going on, Heather comes looking for Bailey to help Shane operate on Meredith!  Just as Bailey reaches her breaking point, she uses an IV stand to bust open the locked cabinet and suddenly, all of the medicines fall out and Bailey saves the day!  Feeling more powerful and courageous than ever, Bailey and Heather return to help Shane save Meredith’s life.  Cristina gets word that Meredith’s life is in danger and quickly goes to find Derek, who’s still by their newborn’s side.  One look from Cristina is all it took for Derek to know something wasn’t right.  They run the halls of GSMH, racing to get back to Meredith as quickly as possible. (Side note, how AMAZING was the placement and tone of Ingrid Michaelson’s song “Without You” at this very moment?!  The scoring/composing/song placement of this episode was outstanding. Nuff said.) 

Back to the front of the hospital, all passengers are moved to safety from the bus accident when Jackson notices a small pink sneaker underneath the rubble.  After looking underneath what was left of the bus, he sees a small girl, scared and trembling from the crash.  He tries coaxing her out; knowing he only has a matter of seconds before the bus will explode.  April, terrified that Jackson will get caught in the explosion, begins running towards the bus when Matthew swoops in to keep her from danger.  Suddenly a flash of fire ignites and the bus explodes, lighting up the entire parking lot.  April screams in horror and while the other doctors stare in disbelief, a figure emerges from the flames.  Jackson managed to pull the girl from the wreckage and bring her to safety, with only minor injuries himself.  April is still clearly in shock over Jackson’s heroic efforts and Matthew sees how much it’s affected his fiancée.  

While waiting in the hall for Bailey to finish operating, Derek and Cristina patiently hold on to hope for Meredith’s recovery.  Cristina consoles a worried Derek with words ringing true: “Meredith Grey has survived a bomb, a drowning, a gunman, and a plane crash and she’s still here.  She’s gonna die when she’s like 90, old and warm in her bed.  She’s not gonna die today.”  Bailey emerges from the OR to tell them of the outcome and before she can get it out, she begins to cry, worrying Derek & Cristina that Meredith didn’t make it.  They run into the room to find she had, in fact, survived the surgery with help from Bailey and Shane.  Finally, NOW all is good with the world, right??  No??? UGH!!  

Richard goes to check on Frank in the generator room only to find he’s suffered from what appears to be a heart attack.  A rescue crew is called in and as they take Frank away to continue further care, he informs Richard he fixed the issue but all that’s left is flipping the transfer switch.  The cracking and popping sounds of electrical currents mixed with dripping water leads one to believe this could be a very dangerous situation….

Back in the NICU, Alex, Jo, Arizona, Stephanie and Lauren continue their efforts to keep the infants alive.  Lauren approaches Arizona, asking her if they’re going to talk about what happened in the on-call room and proceeds with telling her she more than just likes Arizona.  Before the conversation gets heavier, Callie arrives to tell Arizona about the chaos that just took place moments earlier with the bus crash.  The lights suddenly come on and as everyone’s eyes adjust to the now brightly lit room, Callie takes notice to Arizona’s wedding ring pinned to Lauren’s scrub top.  (Note: Remember earlier when April mentioned how awkward it felt to be wearing her engagement ring and Callie suggested she pin it to her scrub top? Yeah….) Callie calls Lauren out on it and Arizona suddenly realizes in her hastily efforts to get out of the on-call room, she accidentally switched tops with Lauren by mistake.  The look on Callie’s face when she realizes what happened between the two is gut-wrenching.  Despite Lauren’s clumsy efforts to dodge the bullet, Callie knows the truth and Arizona is caught red-handed. 

Alex and Jo find themselves alone together and finally Alex has the chance to tell Jo how he feels about her.  The best part of it all?  There were no trees in site that kept them from sharing their special moment! ;)


April goes to check on Jackson and in a teary-eyed confession, admits she wants him back.  Jackson reminds her she’s getting married but April makes it clear she’d reconsider, if Jackson gave her reason to….

Owen and Cristina meet in an on-call room to resume where they left off earlier.  In a beautifully spoken monologue, Cristina explains to Owen the joy she feels when she’s in the OR.  She questions if Owen feels the same about her, insinuating he needs to listen to his heart to guide him in making a choice that’s right for him.  Cristina asks Owen if she is enough and when he doesn’t answer, they both realize the underlying issue they’ve managed to avoid for so long has finally shown its ugly head.  Cristina gets up to leave the room with tear-filled eyes but Owen doesn’t run after her.  This can’t be the end for them, can it??

Callie and Arizona begin ‘the talk’.  Callie, unaware that their relationship was unstable and certain they were finally in a good place, questions Arizona’s infidelity.  The two begin to argue after Callie reiterates what the two have overcome in the last year and Arizona furiously admits she still heavily blames Callie for amputating her leg.  When Arizona notes she is the one that suffered the most of the two, having actually been in the plane crash that ultimately cost her leg, Callie counteracts her statement revealing she apparently lost something through it all too: Arizona. 


Meredith and Derek proudly take note of their now family-of-four.  Meredith, beaming with pride, suggests they name their son Bailey and Derek, pleased with her choice, happily agrees. 


Bailey rushes through the halls to find Richard when Ben catches up with her.  She tells Ben she needs to find Richard so she can apologize for her actions but when we cut back to the generator room, with sparks flying and water continuing to drip, we find Richard lying on the ground motionless, presumably electrocuted from the wires…. 


“There’s an end to every storm.  Once all of the trees have been uprooted, once all of the houses have been ripped apart, the wind will hush.  The clouds will part.  The rain will stop.  The sky will clear in an instant and only then, in those quiet moments after the storm, do we learn who was strong enough to survive it.” 


Side note:  I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you Gabblers for taking time out of your busy schedules to read my weekly ‘babble’ here on Greys Gabble.  This website is an amazing gift us Greys Anatomy fans have been so fortunate to support and appreciate.  I thank all of you for being a part of this awesome community and look forward to sharing in the excitement, drama and thrills of SEASON 10 with all of you!!  

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  1. Thanks for the total recap.Really enjoyed the finale,drama was immense.

    I’m so very happy for Merder,they r finally a perfect,happy MCfamily. Zola grew pretty quickly :smile:

    Christina took the right decision,I’m happy that the writers remained true to her character n I do believe Owen deserves to have kids,he would be a great father.

    I’m happy for Alex,he finally confessed his love to psycho crazy Jo. But I still feel Alex looked great with Izzie.I miss Izzie Stevens.

    Webber can’t die, they can’t afford to loose there mentor.I think, he won’t die, Baily will not allow him to die.
    I just love Dr. Baily, was so happy to see her back in the OR.Chandra is a very talented actor.

    Fans are not being fair to Arizona. I think both Callie and AZ made mistakes, both of them did not handle their grief in the right manner. Therefore, the outburst in the final scene was quite understandable.

    We cannot compare Arizona’s grief with Callie’s. Callie lost her best friend(Mark) and almost lost her wife, she was emotionally broken. On the other hand, Arizona was in the woods for four long days with a bleeding broken leg,dying Mark and Mer grieving the death of her sister, furthermore, she had to loose her leg too which she thought her wife would save. AZ was physically, mentally and emotionally damaged.She lost her self confidence and saw herself as unwanted damaged good.

    Right from the beginning of the season we saw Callie telling Arizona to “suck it up and move on”,she constantly pushed AZ to become the person she was before the plane crash(9*01,9*09,that too not in a very polite way).There is no doubt that she supported Arizona in every possible way, but all her efforts were to help AZ to deal with her physical loss, she never tried to be a part of AZ’s emotional and mental sufferings.She never talked to Arizona about the four days in the woods nor did she ever tried to explain her why she had to amputate the leg.

    Right after that bathroom scene(where Arizona saw Callie crying) Arizona started ignoring her own feelings.In 9*12,Arizona tells Owen she cant allow her leg(that practically does not exist) to effect her marriage,she has to get her life back to normal(for Callie).So,she kept on pushing her own feelings and emotions under the rug so that she can become the person Callie wanted her to be.Obviously, lack of communication and conversation between the couple lead to the last scene in the finale. I’m not saying that infidelity can be justified but we just cant keep blaming Arizona everything.
    If we closely look at the last scene,Callie says “I thought we were past the hard stuff,I thought we were finally good”,this clearly shows she never was able to read Arizona’s eyes,she never saw the scars the experience had left on Arizona’s mind and heart.She proved to be a WONDERFUL wife but she couldn’t be her FRIEND.

    I would still like to see them together,they are MFEO. They are going to have an interesting story line in S10.

    • @greysanat, Thanks for the reply! You’ve made all very good points here. It will be interesting to see where the writers take us next season. I can’t lie… It’s exciting knowing they’re already back in the writer’s room, creating more epic storylines for us to tune into! Only 4 more months to go! ;-)

  2. Thanks so much!

    • @creamy68145, Thank YOU for stopping by to read my “babble”! :grin:

  3. Yes, Mer is a rockstar to talk through what to do with someone whos is operating on her. Ellen, wow, she really rocked the episode!
    Have MerDer thought through the Mc Baby’s name initals?
    Arizona needs therapy of some sort to come to terms with the loss of her leg. So angry at poor Callie! Not impressed with Lauren to go after someone who’s married. What about the sisterhood code?
    I’m not sure whether Webber will survive his mishap. I think now he was the wise old man setting his youngsters on the correct track in recent episodes. Webber hasn’t had a huge role this season, so perhaps it is farewell to him?

    • @jules, Thanks for replying! I agree, Ellen’s acting was amazing, as was everyone else in this episode! Yes, Calzona definitely has their work cut out for them next season. I’m not sure this is the end for Richard quite yet but we’ll see what Shondaland has in store for us! :smile: