Calzona’s Bubble: A Review of 9.24 “Perfect Storm” By @sportsfan12921

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Hello Gabblers,

So, here we are, at the end of another season of Grey’s.   And it is very clear our girls are in a bad place, I still believe they are endgame and I’ll get into that at the end of my review, but for now, here we go:   They aren’t in scenes together until the end so forgive the bouncing around.     Overall episode note:   the word “fine”, which is Grey’s speak for it’s all about to be everything but….  used so many times in this ep that I yelled at the TV.  And the opening titles with the lightening and flashing between white and black…very cool.    And again, this episode required me looking at it from a shipper’s and show fan view.

We see Callie first, when she happily tells April about pinning her ring inside her scrub top.   While this comes in to play in a huge way later, for me here, it made my heart ache a little…. what happened isn’t even on Callie’s radar.  Yes, she’s wondering where Arizona is but her being with Lauren isn’t a thought.   And we cut to the on call room where Arizona is getting dressed, because yes, she did have sex with Lauren.   Yup, I will admit I had hoped she wouldn’t go that far, but she did.   And now she can’t wait to get away from Lauren.    As for Lauren, I really, really don’t like her.  She’s all calm and relaxed, and plain old doesn’t care that Arizona is married.   Lauren offers to help in the NICU and Arizona tells her no, and gets out of the room quickly.  

The NICU:  Arizona arrives to an understaffed NICU and tells Alex, Jo and Stephanie about keeping the makers of the tiny humans happy.   It’s a callback to S6 finale when she gave the same speech about the lockdown.   Lauren shows up to help, and Arizona obviously doesn’t want her there.   Alex lets her help..” keep the makers of the tiny humans happy, right?”  I think he senses something is up but not sure exactly what.    And the NICU is in trouble, there are no spare batteries for the ventilators.    No generators, no batteries, things are about to get intense.   And a side note:  Alex’s everything’s fine smile:  creepy.  

Back to the front of the hospital and while Callie is telling a patient that she can’t discharge him and along comes a flying bus, actually a crashing one but you get the picture…..  and notice, Callie is right at the front of the people running to it.  They evacuate the passengers, except the one Hunt and Avery go back for.   

Arizona and Alex in the supply closet.  Arizona confesses about Lauren to Alex, and Alex tells her she’s not the most horrible person standing in that closet.  Now, I took a few things from this scene:  the first being that yes, Arizona has been struggling for a while.  Why do I say that?  Because having her stuff together Arizona would never not have spare batteries on hand.   She’s been back at work, yes, but she hasn’t completely been herself there either.    The second:  I think that we will get more of the Arizona/Alex relationship in S10, but with them more as colleagues than teacher/student.   Of course at this point, I realize that my ability to guess what the Grey’s writers are going to do is completely shot.     They have no batteries and Alex asks what they are going to do…. Arizona has no idea.   Again, a sign that while she is standing there, she isn’t all there. 

Back in the NICU the batteries are starting to go as Derek arrives with the baby.    Yeah, still don’t like Lauren, but again she is there as pre-crash Arizona… when she says “We can do this” reminded me of Arizona knowing Ruby needed surgery and doing it in an exam room in S6 finale.   The one of the dads, Tim, notices the low battery light and announces it to the entire NICU.   Panic of course sets in.  Derek steps in and suggests the parents do the bagging.   We are reminded again that Arizona isn’t quite herself, needing Derek to step in like that. 

Callie is taking care of Jackson and has to get April to leave the area.   Can we just take a moment and love how hardcore Callie is through this… Steady, calm and focused.    Callie as an admin person, not so much.  Callie in doctor mode:  awesome.    And while not seen a lot, it’s a telling contrast to Arizona.    While Arizona constantly seems to be overwhelmed by the effects of the storm, Callie is indeed focused and zoned in.  

And back in the NICU Lauren wants to talk; Arizona tells her she made a mistake.  Lauren tells her if she changes her mind…. and Callie arrives.  And the lights come on.  We see Arizona’s ring on a pin… on the front of Lauren’s (Arizona’s actually, because they got mixed up) scrub top.  Arizona knows she’s caught.   And Callie’s face…. she says it all without saying a word.   She’s about to be wrecked and she knows it.

And the scene that got all the hype and buzz:   The space between them is much bigger than in that room.   Callie of course wants to know why, and Arizona doesn’t know.  And then it comes out….. Arizona is still angry about the leg.  She finally cracks… “You weren’t on the freaking plane”  ” you want the street cred, the badge of honor, the warrior wounds, stick out your leg, grab a bone saw and we’ll even the score”   The pure emotion when Arizona yells “you didn’t lose anything, I did” and it hits Callie…  “Apparently I lost you”   and yes, hearts break everywhere. It is raw, and I think it’s the most honest Arizona has been since the scene in 9.4 when she yells at Callie for not answering her phone.   This is the moment that it hit me that perhaps this was planned for the season.  That we got to see progress, but ultimately if trauma isn’t completely dealt with it will come back and hit you when you least expect it.  We, like Callie had been given a sense that things were getting better.  And on the surface they were.  Which is why this was like taking a punch… we didn’t see it coming.   And once it arrived it rolled over us the way a sudden thunderstorm does.   Hard, fast and without pity.    We are left with a cliffhanger of sorts….. what will be next?   What does Arizona say…. what happens when they walk out of that room?   And we also don’t know what Lauren’s future is…..gotta love summer hiatus.   No, really, my emotions need recovery time.   JCap and Sara in this scene reminded us of why we are so invested in this couple.  There is a great dynamic there, even when doing something so emotional there is chemistry.  They bring out the best in each other’s performance.   We love these characters, love them more together but never forget that the reason isn’t just the words that have been written, it is the two women that bring them to life for us.  

So, not a lot about individual scenes but how I break it down by show view vs. shipper view. 


As a fan of the show, I loved this finale.    Bailey is back, Mer was hardcore talking Ross through what to do, Webber is the Jedi master with Yang and Cristina makes the tough call with Owen.   Alex gets his girl!  And yes, Calzona is going to get a more intense story.   Although, trying to figure out how Shonda called this a season of romance?  For MerDer, ok, yes, and maybe Alex but the rest?   Can’t quite get that right in my head, ha-ha .  

So, my Calzona view as a fan of the show.   This is Shondaland.   It’s a drama and has been pointed out before cheating in Shondaland isn’t what it is for us in real life.  We were supposed to be shocked, supposed to ask “where did that come from”   That is what a dramatic show should do.    I want them to have an intense storyline.   I agree with Shonda and JCap (from interviews I’ve seen and read) that you can’t put the same sex couple in a happy place all the time, it actually makes them less.   I also don’t think that Shonda sits in a room with the writers and tries to figure out how to make the fandoms crazy.  I don’t think they set out to anger the LGBT community with this storyline.  If we want equality, than it has to be an inclusive one, where our fave couples get messed with the same as everyone else.    I do think they have conversation about what they can do to keep things interesting and how extreme can they go.   Grey’s has always gone big and loud when it comes to drama…. drownings, gunmen, plane crashes….. they don’t sit in a safe corner.    If you look at it from that perspective, Calzona has had a fairly safe relationship ride.  Compare:  they had the kid fight, Africa, car accident and plane crash but the only other person ever involved in that was Mark.   Not a lot other people getting into their relationship and business.     Crowen:  PTSD, Teddy, gunman, Owen’s one night stand, Cristina was involved with her boss at Mayo.   MerDer: Addison, Finn, Rose and April had a little Derek crush (thank goodness they dropped that one!)  So, in Shondaland our MFEOs have to go through some stuff to get there.   That’s ok; it’s what we signed on for.    Could this have been done without the cheating storyline?  Yup, but let’s not forget that a dramatic TV show’s job is to get ratings and create buzz.   This did that, it wasn’t Ellen going around doing shows on Thursday (with McBaby coming) it was JCap and Sara.   So if there is one thing that Shonda knows how to do it is to create a buzz and excitement.    I also think that Lauren being left as a “what’s next” is telling.   She may be around, and I think we could learn some more.   I personally think she is not a nice character; a decent person backs off at the “I’m married” She didn’t and I don’t think that there is going to be a way for me to ever like her.   

As a Calzona shipper:  could this have all been brought about without the cheating?   Yup, it could.  Did it bother me?   Absolutely.  But guess what?   It was supposed to bother me, that’s the point.   After everything they’ve gone through to have this happen?  My stomach and heart hurt, which is also the point.   I was left wondering where do we go from here?  I don’t think that Arizona set out to hurt Callie, that this was revenge.  I do think that she finally cracked and did lose control in those moments.  I believe she now feels trapped, between who she wants to be and who she is right now.  Again, not a choice I would make in my life or that many of you would, but we aren’t characters on a show.  I realize that the fandom has done some splitting…. I keep hearing Team Callie, Team Arizona and that they are done.   I myself have 2 teams:  Team Calzona and Team Grey’s Anatomy.    I don’t believe they are done.   I do believe it’s going to be an amazing and emotional journey for them to get back to each other.    I don’t condone cheating but step back for a moment….. Arizona is broken inside.   She covered, she faked recovery and tried to power through without getting professional help(that we saw)…. if this kind of traumatic event happened to anyone of us or that we know would we have allowed them to not see someone?   Not likely.    So, yes, Arizona made a big mistake, but as Bailey has said, she did a horrible thing, it doesn’t make her a horrible person.     And then there is this:  while Arizona did a very bad thing, Callie isn’t totally in the clear here.   Arizona made a good point…. Callie wasn’t on the plane.   And how emotionally invested Callie gets in everything, she at times forgot that.  To that end, she missed signs that Arizona was struggling.  And once Arizona asked her not to run she focused in on that, making it easier for Arizona to cover what she was really feeling.    Communication has never been their strength.  Putting things aside and moving forward has.   Now, for them to have a chance they must fix that.   Start real communication so that they can rebuild what has been damaged.   


I may still be in a bubble but I do believe they get back to each other.   The reason there is intense anger…. because there is intense love.   Why does trust being broken hurt more than ever before…. because they are the person that each other trusts the most?  I know that many think that cheating will be a deal breaker for Callie.    I think that that underestimates Callie’s love for Arizona. And again while cheating is terrible, don’t let it make you underestimate that Arizona loves Callie.  It was a deal breaker with George…. because she realized she probably shouldn’t have married him to start.   They were never on the same page with how they felt about each other.   I don’t think that’s the case here…. I believe that they do love each other and deeply.   But they are both hurting, damaged and lost.   I also expect that they will be apart to start the season, and we are going to be wrecked many more times.   I expect them both to try to move on, apart and fail miserably.  I want to see Arizona truly heal.  I want to see her continue to be Sofia’s Mama.  I want us to finally get to know Arizona, not just Arizona with Callie.  I want to see Callie be hardcore and angry.  I want Callie to have a great friendship with Cristina and Bailey that we see more of.  I want them to be happy as individuals and realize that they are each other’s person, to realize they can be extraordinary together (yup, MerDers, I’m borrowing that) Then I want to see them fight for each other and what they can be.    I have gotten to the place where I can now embrace the pain that comes with being on this ship.   I will weather the storm and heal with them.

Why I have hope…..  Shonda said once that if Calzona was to have a legal wedding it would have to be special….  I’m hoping that coming through this is what she alluded to.   And then there is that they left the cliffhanger and Shonda and JCap both alluded to not being sure of what comes next.   The cheating was put right out there and talked openly about.   The aftermath….. not yet.   So, I will once again take the hiatus to breathe.   I will watch previous seasons and be reminded of why I fell in love with them to begin with.   Then come fall I will jump back in, I will watch, yell, cry and feel.



For those in the fandom that are struggling with this, I hear you and I empathize. I’ve seen the reaction on my twitter timeline.  Just remember that ultimately the reason that we are so invested is that we have been given a gift…. a great story that has great women bringing them to us.    It’s been fun doing these reviews, thanks to all of you that have read, reviewed or chatted me up on twitter.   I look forward to taking the journey of season 10 with all of you.   Until then I want our ship to stay CalzonaStrong but more importantly…. stay GreysStrong!

Please comment below and let me know how you are feeling.


  1. I’ve very much enjoyed reading your reviews. Great perspective, detailed thoughts. Bravo! * clap clap clap *

    • @Jonesy,

      Thank you! I appreciate that. So looking forward to S10!

  2. BRAVA, my fellow shipper! What a ride it’s been for Calzona. And you know what? I believe Shonda when she tweeted, “I will be good to Callie. I will be good to Arizona”. Maybe it’s a bit of foreshadowing because I fight to see the good for either after watching that finale lol And though, like most, I was shaken by the events of 9×22-9×24 concerning these two ladies, I can honestly say that I appreciate what they have more so now than ever. Question now is will they fight to keep it and to create something better together?

    1stly, let me say that I think it is absolutely tantamount that a shipper come into an episode of Grey’s from two perspectives…as a viewer and as a shipper. I can appreciate how you’ve made the necessary distinction between the two and I think that having done that, if your readers have really taken in what you’ve said, many of us have been able to breathe a little bit better and have become a little bit calmer as a result. I, too, have approached, critiqued, criticized, loved, and hated many a episode concerning Calzona because I was only viewing what played before me through my “shipper goggles”. Big mistake lol As it is seeing things through rose-colored glasses, sometimes our sight is wrong, biased, or has us completely unaware of what’s really before our eyes. Thank you for helping me see things differently.

    Cheating? Baaaaad. Lauren Boswell? Even worse lol I don’t care for her character. At. All. She’s awesome as a surgeon, but a disgrace as a woman. What killed me was her audacity. She cared less about Arizona being married and being a mother. Then she told AZ that she wasn’t planning on leaving things unsettled and that she like her “A LOT” and told Callie a straight up bold faced lie when the lights came on and the secret came out. Maybe she thought Callie was born last night or something, but she’s not stupid, as evidenced by the expression on her face before ABC cut to commercial. If anything, as messy and crappy as things are with Calzona I cannot, for the life of me, see Arizona pursuing something with her even if she did stick around in Seattle (to which I hope and pray she does not). It is clear to me that Arizona knows she made a mistake. She may not exactly know WHY she did it, but she knows it was a mistake. Yet, Lauren continues to pursue and toss her proverbial hat into a ring that doesn’t exist for her. She has no real chance with Arizona because Arizona is broken, lost, and not herself (as we saw throughout the last 3 eps), and Lauren has proven that she is only interested in one thing: getting what Lauren wants. That’s a no go for me. Lauren, be gone. Please.

    Callie. *sighs* Dumb to the facts the entire time. And honestly, I think a lot of us were. If it were not for our TV screens showing us what was happening in those separate scenes between Callie and Arizona respectively, we would have had no idea what was going on with Arizona either. To Callie’s credit, it did seem like she and Arizona had made a breakthrough, but it always bothered me that they did not talk things through. Callie bent over backwards to be there for her wife… as a wife and a doctor. And what convincing she had to do! But regardless, what Arizona’s dealing with has nothing to really do with Callie in my opinion. Arizona, if in her right mind and thinking rationally, would know that Callie saved her life by making that hard as nails decision to have Alex amputate. But, alas, PTSD knows no rationality. It doesn’t see things clearly. And that’s what we saw explode in the finale in that final scene. From a viewer and a shipper’s perspective, it would have made more sense to me to explore Arizona’s deal with PTSD throughout the entire season as opposed to how it was done. But if doing it the way they did offered a clearer view of the reality of someone suffering with PTSD while also making room for a lot more Calzona storytelling come season 10 then it’s all fine by me :) I do believe that Arizona’s anger is misplaced. She mentioned Callie being the only one she really trusted in her life and she feels like that trust has been breached, stomped on and kicked to the curb. Then to tell Callie that she didn’t lose anything? Callie didn’t lose what Arizona lost, but she did suffer loss. And a lot of it. Unfair of Arizona to say what she said. She hurt Callie, not just with her actions, but with her words… which often times hurt far worse.

    All in all, I liked what I saw play out before us. It definitely delivered drama AND thrills. My heart was racing in anticipation and uncertainty as to how Callie would find out about Arizona’s infidelity and what the fallout would be. Personally, I do believe that in a moment of lost control Arizona made an already bad situation about 60x worse. And now trust must be restored on her and Callie’s part. Actually, I don’t know if it’s trust that Arizona needs restored. It’s deeper than that (paging Dr. Wyatt… or that hot, hot trauma counselor). I, as you, see them taking some time apart next season. Don’t wanna see it, but I think it’s necessary for real healing to take place. Like many, I believe Arizona being attracted to and sleeping with Lauren presented her an opportunity to reconnect with the “Arizona” she hasn’t been in a loooooong while. But that last scene showed me that Arizona is unhappy and frustrated with herself and she needs help. Now comes the real work. There’s no breezing through this. I have never suffered from PTSD, but I have a Army vet friend whose does and it’s been a bit of a fight to make even the smallest progress with them. We’ve made headway in our friendship together, but sometimes things occur or are said that have made me realize that what they are dealing with goes past me. This is Arizona’s lot. She may blame Callie (because we often find a way when we’re hurting and confused to target those closest to us), but the real anger is internal. Will she walk away from Callie? Does she wanna be whole again? Does she want her mind back? Her family intact? She has a choice to make. As does Callie. Callie’s “how could you do this”? breaks me in pieces every time I hear her say it. She’s been cheated on yet again. But in her struggle to wrap her mind around all that Arizona unleashed on her and what she did, I want her to do as Arizona asked to not run. And I don’t think she will. Because they’re love is real and it’s solid. George was a mistake. He knew it. She knew it. And we all knew it. He was in love with someone else. I agree that this situation is not the same and I don’t think Callie will treat it like it is. But I wanna see them come out stronger and better because of all this. I have faith to believe that they will.

    Thank you, Sports, for being SO friggin’ awesome! Your reviews are so insightful and level-headed and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. You have are a fantastic addition to the GG family and I’m glad you’re a part of us :)

    • @GreytXcape,
      Wow, thank you so much! I’m thrilled to be part of GG. I’m so excited and nervous about S10!

      You have some great points about Callie. They both did what they do, cover stuff until it blows. In this case it had devastating results.

      And I still believe they are endgame. Just got to really work for it this time!

  3. The romantic in me wants them to come back to each other.

    The realist in me says it won’t happen this time.

    It’s not about the love. It’s not about are they better together than apart.

    It’s about the trust.

    Every time they let each other back in, work hard towards fulling trusting and believing and being again- some things breaks. Not happens, but breaks.

    How many times can you go back to the well? How many times can you tamper down those doubts and hurts and fears and open up and let yourself try again?

    When is it time to let go?

    It’s not about the cheating. It’s not about the PTSD and Arizona learning coping mechanisms and how to deal with the affliction.

    It’s about trust constantly being broken and never fully regaining hold of their relationship.

    This feels like letting go and moving on. Ending in a different relationship. Connected through Sofia but finding someone new and different. One that doesn’t constantly break the one you love, constantly force rebuilding and support.

    • @TVFanIam,

      That’s a very good point. Although if there is one thing that Shondaland has taught me, it’s that what would be dealbreakers for us in the real world, are plot drivers for them. I almost see a parallel for a bit to Sam and Naomi from Private Practice. That as the series winds down they get their happy ending.

  4. I agree with the review. From a Grey’s standpoint, I think Ellen Pompeo gave an incredible performance. I really liked Richard this episode, I thought he redeemed himself. I have not enjoyed his character since he talked Alex into considering Hopkins, and playing the hospitals against each other behind Arizona’s back. I thought that was beneath Richard.

    In terms of Callie and Arizona, the writers should have and could have done better. Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw did an awesome job with what they had to work with. But there may be scenes that were left on the cutting room floor throughout the season that we were not privy to that may have explained this evolution better. I think back to the wedding day when Callie wanted to call it off. I was always annoyed that Arizona did not seem to be part of that conversation, when in fact there was a deleted scene where she does know and gives a powerful explanation.

    “And we also don’t know what Lauren’s future is” -big concern. If this is really about PTSD, Arizona is damaged goods, and should not be in a relationship with anyone until she can accept herself. If the writers keep Lauren with Arizona even for awhile, then Arizona has yet to hit bottom. That relationship should be toxic. The only one I think that can truly help Arizona heal is Callie, but obviously roadblocks must be overcome, which will make for good drama.

    I am sure Shonda Rhimes wants to be in control of her story lines, and she does not want to appear to be accommodating her Calzona fandom or any fandom, but hopefully she takes the fallout and comments as a compliment to what she has created. She is brilliant enough to have Callie & Arizona comeback as a couple in dramatic fashion.

    • @Beatle44,

      It’s strange but the further I am from the finale the more I begin to think this was in a large part for some shock value. And for it to not be perceived as that the writers are going to have to work hard to convince us. I’m starting to think they are going to be apart for a bit but will ultimately be endgame, but not necessarily this season, but as the series winds down.

      Which makes me sad, because I do adore them. And I can’t see myself liking either of them with anyone else. Until Arizona, I thought that the pairings they gave Callie were poor choices.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing!

  5. The storyline and the holes in the writing and the lack of screen time for Calzona is where the true problem lies.
    All that happened in the finale was that Arizona’s feelings just cant be contained anymore. People handle trauma differently, some take it for what it is and grieve and move forward, however others contain their grief and anger then all at once they explode and all of their emotions come pouring out. Especially someone who has gone through what Arizona did and did not get any therapy or help. People can harbor their emotions and randomly, without warning it just takes one little thing to spark the repercussions of that. Lauren was that spark, and you can tell the guilt Arizona felt afterwards. I do feel that they WILL get back together. I do not condon cheating, however this is Grey’s anatomy, and it this world, cheating is just part of a relationship. Also under the circumstances, and how this is NOT the real Arizona, I feel it will be overcome. If not, I will be extremely disappointed. The writers need to write better. more fluent storylines for next season so we get the whole picture and not bits and pieces. Calzona is a very important couple, essential to the show and they deserve more, they always get looked over.

    • @Tarah14,

      from your mind to the writer’s pens!!! Also, where is that deleted scene? Would so love to see that!

      thanks for reading and reviewing!

  6. Loved the review as always. After much consideration and reading your review, I agree that Calzona can come back from this. They may even come back stronger than before. So long as Shonda deals with their biggest issue: Communication.

    Cheating aside (what an asinine attempt to inject more drama) these two have always had a lot of love for each other. Let’s recall, shall we?

    Callie wouldn’t have stood in front of a gunman to protect Arizona. She wouldn’t have taken her back after being coldly dumped at an airport and put up with everything Arizona has thrown at her this season.

    Arizona would not have changed her mind about kids, gave up her dream of helping children, love Sofia as her own, put up with Mark as the third wheel in her relationship and proposed. Yes, I do believe it was out of desperation but that’s just the point, she was desperately in love with Callie.

    These two could have walked away anytime but neither did because they love each other. They fought together against the odds and their love won out in the end.

    The same can happen here. I think the [ridiculous] cheating can be overcome because it was done under circumstances that neither really had control over as much as they wanted to believe that everything was fine. Neither should excuse the adultery but I at least hope that Callie will understand how it came about.

    I don’t believe that Arizona has a cheating nature nor should she be hanged for it. If that is the case then every character on this show should be hanged as well.

    I am now looking forward to next season. I would actually like for them to separate for awhile. Arizona needs to heal without Callie’s help as she is a constant reminder of her leg. Callie needs to see if she can forgive Arizona. Then eventually find their way back together.

    • @DG, I totally agree with you. They would and should come back stronger in the next season, because they are madly in love with each other.
      I’m very excited about their story line.It would be intense and full of drama. :smile:

    • @DG,

      Yes, communication is the big barrier. Which, looking back at MerDer and Crowen, is a central theme for Grey’s couples. I just hope it isn’t rushed, but they rebuild their relationship. And come back together because they’ve done the work, not because of an extreme circumstance.

  7. does arizona know alex is really the person who did the cutting? just curious, i haven’t rewatched episodes of this season yet so i don’t have them all down as well as the others :) i feel like that may be what alex meant in the closet or whatever…though, i haven’t watch the last episode yet so i’m toooootally guessing. haha. love live calzona! ;)

    • @naddyg, Alex making the cut is almost irrelevant. The point here is the promise Callie made. Arizona did not put all her trust into Alex but she did put all her trust into Callie and that is why she is having a hard time accepting what has happened. The Alex thing could come about and they could have the conversation but I don’t think it will amount to anything or change anything. The point now is the journey of Calzona and how we can believe a traumatic event would bring them close but in reality it pushes people further apart, and now we have to see whether or not their love is strong enough to forgive, heal and accept.

    • @naddyg,

      they never really said, but it isn’t about the cut…. it’s about the decision. No matter who made the cut, it could have been Bailey, Richard… another ortho. Arizona’s reaction would be the same… it was that Callie made the call. And in the moment she says that Callie broke her trust you see that Arizona would have preferred death over this. That’s where her journey needs to begin. Accepting that it’s a good thing that she lived.