Jason George Talks ‘Mistresses’

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Are you missing the men of Grey’s as much as we are? Well, you’re in luck! Jason George (Aka Ben Warren) will be back on your screens tonight, with ABC’s new show ‘Mistresses’! Jason sat down with TVFanatic to share some scoop on his new role!

What attracted you to Mistresses… besides the incredibly hot Alyssa Milano who plays Savannah ‘Savi’ Davis?
Yeah, she was definitely the big perk in the gig. She is just really fantastic people. Ridiculously gorgeous and crazy smart. The thing for me was, I was not familiar with the BBC series but I liked the premise. I liked the idea of looking at infidelity from all different angles. You’ve got Yunjin Kim who plays Karen and has been a mistress for the last little bit. Rochelle Aytes character (April) is dealing with the fall out of her husband having had a mistress. Then you’ve got Alyssa right in the middle. We see her collide in this moment with Dom, my character and this thing happens that night and you’ve got a decision to make. Looking at the consequences that her friends have had to deal with from either side. Do I want this thing to continue further as an affair or do I want it to be done and it’s a mistake?  Not helping things is that she has this little sister who is a free spirit who you know, if she wants you she’s going to have you. She’s not attached to anybody. She doesn’t care. Your vows are your problem is Jes Macallan’s character (Josslyn) kind of attitude.

Jason George as Dominic Taylor

Does this show follow the UK version or does it go off on its own path?
It goes on its own path. I think there are going to be a lot of key elements for the people who have seen the BBC one. They’ll definitely check it out and see some of the familiarity but it’s a new story at the end of the day. You start in the same room but then it starts hooking some right turns that you didn’t see in the BBC version.

Dominic is definitely a charmer. What can you tell us about him?
Dominic, he’s that guy. He’s driven. He’s passionate about stuff. He’s professional at his work and he’s a ridiculous flirt. That’s generally how he relates to women but there’s real substance underneath that. His thing is, Savannah is his friend. She also happens to be his work wife. They are a perfect team at work. They get on great. They both push each other to be the best they can be in going further up the ladder and they get on great. So in the back of his mind…if she weren’t married but she is so we’ll just work and give her a hard time and have fun with it, knowing that it’s never going to happen. Until it does. And then things get weird for him. You push on a door long enough and expect it to be locked and then one day it opens up and you fall flat on your face and you have to figure out what is this new sensation. Because you never really allowed yourself to really think about it that much.


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  1. I didn’t tune in last night, but I will check it out on Hulu or On Demand. Love love love Jason George. He’s such a good actor and so ridiculously handsome.