Gabblers, We Want to Hear from YOU!

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Hey Gabblers!


How are you handling the hiatus? 3 weeks down, about 15 more weeks to go and the way time flies, 15 weeks is no time at all!

While we’re on hiatus, we want to hear from you! And this is also your chance to win some Grey’s Gabble Swag!!!

Please visit the comments section of this post and tell us:

  • What are your Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy sites?
  • What are the Fan Sites you frequent?
  • Who do you ship?

For those who comment, 2 winners will be selected at random to win a Grey’s Gabble Hoodie or T-shirt.

For your entry to be considered, you must be a registered user (as this is the only way we can contact you) and your comment must be posted and valid (pertaining to the information asked) by - 6/21/13!

Once chosen, rules & regulations will be emailed to you.

So let’s hear it!!! Comment away!

xoxo !Rolling On! xoxo GreysRcksMyWorld





  1. Top 10 Fan Site = GREY’S GABBLE X10 :lol:
    Site’s frequent = Grey’s Gabble, SpoilerTV, TvLine, BuddyTv, Wetpaint

    Ship: Mer/Der, Zola and Bailey

  2. Grey’s Gabble is my favorite site
    I go to Wetpaint a lot
    I ship Calzona!!!!!

  3. top ten greys sites = greys gabble_greys anatomy insider fan sites i vist freguent = wet paint __calzona____sara ramirez fan club ___jessica fan site___chandra willson and many more i would ship= mer/der/kids and owen.

  4. Top 10 Sites:
    - Greys Gabble :)
    - Twitter
    - Hypnoweb

    Fan Sites I Visit:
    - Greys Gabble
    - Twitter
    - Hypnoweb
    - Spoiler TV
    - TV Line

    Who Do You Ship:

  5. Favorite Sites:
    Grey’s Gabble!
    Meredith and Derek on-line
    Spoiler TV

    I am a huge Mer/Der shipper along with Zola and Bailey of course. Feels like forever with this hiatus. Don’t know how to make it 15 more weeks!!