PD’s Derek Shepherd “The Perfect Man”!

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Hey Gabblers!

According to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, Patrick Dempsey’s character Derek Shepherd¬†is the “Perfect Man” and very much the marrying type!


(Source|Vanity Fair)

Do you agree?

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this poll and I didn’t vote. If I knew about it, I would have voted McDreamy! I love McDreamy!!

    The chemistry that he shares with Ellen Pompeo is amazing. I always forget they are married to other people. They just work and in my books go down as the best super couple in TV history.

    The best part is how he looks at Meredith and just knows her every emotion. He is attentive, listens and would do anything for her not to mention he is so damn hot!! Everyone would want a husband like Derek. He is always there when she needs him, understands her crazy relationship with Cristina even allowing her in their bed. He defends her no matter what. Meredith is fiercly loyal to Derek too and I love their relationship, the passion and respect for each other.

    Derek gets husband of the year!!

  2. Yes, the chemistry between Ellen and Patrick does make their acting as a married couple believable. :lol: