Cristina Yang’s Impact on Television

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Revolutionary woman. That’s what some would say in description of Dr. Cristina Yang. Check out a little of what’s being said about Yang’s effect on the small screen.


Grey’s may be years removed from its buzzy, Emmy-winning start, but in Yang, the loveable, persnickety careerist, Rhimes and Oh have created a complex workaholic who has begat a whole generation of female protagonists, none quite as impressive as she is.

On another TV show, Yang’s combination of qualities—mercenary, scary, and extremely skilled—would have made her the lead character’s enemy, if not a whole litany of other clichés: the type-A Asian, the frigid ballbuster, the unlikeable shrew. Instead, Grey’s respected Cristina’s ambition and wit, laurelled her with humor, swag, and a sex drive, and made her the lead character’s best friend.

There are more ways to make a female character interesting than to make her an emotional basket case. When Sandra Oh leaves Grey’s Anatomy, she’ll be taking the best example of that with her.

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I can see all the TV characters mentioned, past and present, represented in Cristina Yang. She is all those women and more! Her absence will definitely be felt once she’s gone.

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