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Here are some of the deleted scenes found on the Season 9 DVD!

Mark & Derek

Cristina & Owen

Meredith & Richard

Bailey & Ben

Callie & Arizona

(Source|Walaa K on YT)

There are more deleted scenes, be sure to visit the source link!

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  1. The scene between Callie and Arizona is infuriating because it shows Arizona clearly being smitten. Shonda cannot credibly pull the PTSD or even the ‘anger’ card to explain this away. This scene clearly shows that Arizona was just attracted to Lauren, period. And that is even worse than Arizona harboring anger towards Callie for many months and refusing to talk to her about it. To recap: 9.10 Arizona is not ready to be intimate with Callie but begs her not to leave her, 9.18 Callie and Arizona finally reconnect, 9.19 Arizona seduces Callie, 9.21 Arizona meets Lauren and is smitten, 9.22 Arizona cheats. I really want to see how Shonda is going to try to justify this, but the only thing that is obvious is that the only viable solution is for them to divorce. Period. I feel bad for Jessica Capshaw. She is stuck playing this suckfest of a story line and her character has suffered a major setback.

    • @Enforce, That might have been a reason why the scene was cut, i.e. because it sent the wrong message.

      • @Hayley, That’s true. I’m glad they left it out…

        • @Enforce, Me too.

  2. It just reminds me that they should have kept McSteamy and got rid of Kepner. Shonda ruined his character but still should have kept him.