SPOILER: Pics From ******* ***

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Hey guys!

A big deal is happening early on this season, I think you all know what it is! Here’s some spoilery pics from filming.




xx GreysPGHKid


  1. I can’t make out exactly who is the hurt person. Is it Cristina?

  2. Don’t know, but Owen and Callie dressed up…for what? April’s Wedding???

  3. Nope. It’s a hospital gala!!

  4. I hope she is not cristina why they dressed up ????

  5. Nope that’s April . Red hair?? Everyone else os blond on the show

  6. The bloke is Owen isn’t it? It’s gotta be Cris hasn’t it? Is this episode 200? I hope it’s not Kepner’s wedding.

  7. Changed my mind, Kepner in a wedding dress?