Spoiler-ish: JPJ Speaks Out on Webber’s Fate

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We’re sure many of us, since season 9 ended, waited anxiously to know the fate of one Dr. Richard “Chief” Webber. And Shonda and crew had no problem making us sweat it out all during the premiere lol Now, James Pickens Jr. shares about our beloved “Chief” and what’s coming in the future! Spoilerish? You betcha!


Were you at all worried about Webber actually dying?
James Pickens Jr.: 
I was clued in beforehand. We usually have our read-through before each new episode. Shonda said, “Hey Jim, don’t freak out when you see this episode. It’s really good. We’ve got some great stuff planned for this.” I said, “OK!” So when I read it, it was fine.

How does he feel about Bailey, who was involved in the surgeries, and also called him an alcoholic? Can they ever get back to the mentor-mentee relationship?
I think so. I think it’s going to take time. There is some healing involved. She was right in her assessment of him at that time. She thought that he had her back and she felt that he didn’t. She lashed out and said things she might not have meant in the heat of the moment.

How will Webber’s girlfriend Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) play into his recovery?
She’s going to be there as he recovers. She’s very happy for the fact that she was able to be part of that team that helped in his recovery.

Interested in the rest of this interview? Well, by all means Gabblers, read on! Click on the source link below and enjoy!

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So very GLAD he is alive! Interested to see how he and Bailey move forward in light of the comments she last made to him and her saving his life. Also interesting is the conversation he and Meredith will have regarding the decision he made concerning her. What do you think that’s gonna look like?

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