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Here’s the Season 10 Cast Photo!


(Source|TV Guide)

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  1. Really want a big version of this

  2. Do we need any further proof of how bloated this cast is? And using last years photos is really lame.

  3. I like it a lot, I just want a version I can use as wallpaper!

  4. The only things that I like are that Ellen, Patrick and Sandra are front and center. They are the three leads. And the fact that the interns, that no one gives a crap about are in the back, where they belong.

    I still have a very hard time believing that ABC and Shonda thinks anyone really gives a damn about them. I get that they both want GA to go on and on. But, seriously, Sandra’s leaving is going to be a huge blow to the show and if Ellen and Patrick leave, GA, I honestly, don’t think will survive their three exits.

  5. I do agree that with Sandra Oh leaving…things will change…especially if Ellen and Patrick follow her lead…Just won’t be the same without Christina…Also just sucks that “Mousy” is gone…of all the interns I liked her the best. Still hoping for Calzona to get their shit together though…We’ll see…

  6. So, we shouldn’t expect decent storytelling this season. Judging by the first eps, the interns and April’s boring love life are going to hog all the screen time. Meanwhile, the interesting ones get recycled (Crowen), happen off screen (Calzona) and minimized (MerDer). Alex should get decent screen time considering he’s dating an intern.

  7. A very symmetrical photo. Love the Seattle backdrop with the Needle. Would have liked Mer+4 to be more to the forefront. Mer has full smile, the only one showing teeth. The four interns all look more serious. The other 10 have half-cocked smiles, sort of. Wonder why Callie and Jackson are looking in a different direction. Four have arms crossed. Jessica is not pregnant. Would have preferred the left side to show Bailey in front, then Karev. Generally, I like it. And what a good-looking group!!!

    • and no lab coat for Jackson.

  8. That is some bad Photoshop.

  9. I like the pic. Love that MerDer and Cristina are up front. Sad Mousey left. She was my favorite intern. I could care less about the rest except maybe Jo.

    Will miss Cristina. Can’t imagine Grey’s without her. If MerDer leave with her, I’m done with the show.

  10. I’m sad the one tolerable intern is being written out. I wonder how long it will take for a fifth intern/resident will appear to replace Mousey.

    I’ve been rewatching my GA dvds and loosing Cris is devastating :cry:

    The cast photo does look very much like it’s been hacked together.

  11. Oops, I know mouesy is already a gonner.

    UK GA fans:- S4 is getting shown on Really TV. Wednesday at 8pm starting on the 2nd October!