Welcome to Season 10! We made it!

Season 9, as we all know, ended up turning out all right for our little McFamily. Meredith ran into some issues when giving birth to baby Bailey (wow, didn’t see that coming, right.) but in the end, we were left with the scene of all four cutely and adorably hanging out in Mer’s post-op room. And that’s exactly where we pick up in Season 10 (Derek minus a few inches of hair, that is, but who’s looking…oh wait, me.) Owen comes in to tell our babies a board meeting is needed and proceeds to tell the second-newly parents congratulations. I just found this scene precious. I wouldn’t have wanted season 10 to start out any differently for MerDer.

Next we find them in Meredith’s room again, but this time with other board members minus Jackson and Richard. Even though the room is a little tense for a few, Meredith and Derek happily look at pictures on Cristina’s phone of Bailey and Bailey (wow, that’s gonna be tough). Owen talks about the ER needing to be closed because they are sans supplies. Meredith offers to help saying, “I had a baby, I’m not dead.” (Oh, but Meredith, if you only knew.) Jackson walks in saying they can send out patients and of course Mer offers to go. Derek quickly tells her she’s not going anywhere. Bossy Derek and Sassy Meredith= super hot.

All throughout the episode Meredith is trying to help and figure out what’s going on, while being contained to her room. She witnessed a medical drug deal go down between Stephanie and Jo and becomes something of a sounding board while Baby Bailey is a little Yoda, calming everyone down. It happens when Alex is freaking out and asks for her to call for more supplies. When Callie is holding Bailey, and Mer finds out she is the next of kin for Webber and decides his choice of care. Meredith and Derek are in a pretty great place, after her complicated childbirth, and she is doing her usual, remaining calm during a crisis.(Like she does in part 2 of the Season 6 finale and the bomb episode…sorta.)

Derek is running around helping patients from the mudslide, asking for Brooks repeatedly (9-1-2…). He then jumps into action after Ross found Webber and Brooks unconscious. Classic “Derek-Is-A-Badass-Surgeon” takes over and makes Ross put his feelings away while they try to save Brooks.

The first hour ends with Derek still operating on Brooks and Meredith showing her more human side, asking Cristina if letting Bailey operate on Webber again was the right idea. It shows that even though Mer has kept a cool head throughout the night, she still has her doubts. It’s simply a human scene, which is great to see in a show about fabulous doctors.


Didn’t have many MerDer scenes, but the second hour picks that up for us.


Derek is operating on Brooks and does everything he can to save her. Sadly, she doesn’t make it (RIP Mousey). Derek’s face when she dies is absolutely heartbreaking. He always cares so much.

We get a great MAC scene where they playfully pick on Mer for Webber putting her as his next of kin. Ellen, Sandra, and Justin all have great chemistry and any scenes with them are nice surprises. One thing that I noticed Meredith would do while sitting there would be that she would grab her side on occasion and wince. Her phone rings in this scene and Cristina ops to get it for her because Mer is still sore. Hello, she had a surgery and a baby! I’m just really happy Ellen played it like that. I’m proud she kept that up.

We FINALLY get a simple MerDer scene when he arrives to tell her about Brooks. Mer utters a simple “oh Derek” and I just love it. In that little moment, their love is too cute. Then when Derek is holding Baby Bailey (adorable) and telling her about the surgery, they have a sweet moment when he leaves and kisses her head. Honestly, the little things with these characters get me every time. They are so sweet on each other.

After their sweet scene, Mer has a few with Cristina. Talking about Callie and Arizona, another MAC scene that I can’t get enough of where Alex makes Cristina his next of kin, talking to Bailey, momentarily thinking Catherine should take over Webber’s care, telling the interns about what they could say to Heather’s mom. She speaks to Bailey again trying to get her true opinion, and calling for another OR for her. I love that scene because it shows that Mer has complete faith in her old mentor.

After telling the interns to stay until Brooks’ mother arrives, Derek takes Zola home, where he finds Callie falling apart on his couch. He then is seen there with Zola and Sofia when Arizona and Callie are fighting. Just saying, Patrick Dempsey and those babies, ovaries explode. Soooo adorable. Derek finally gets to tell Brooks’ mother about her passing, which makes me love him as the great man he is. He does his whole McDreamy thing, and holds the woman.

Derek ends the episode with just a look of defeat on his face, witnessing the Calzona scene. He looks utterly exhausted. Meredith ends the episode waiting for Richard to wake up. I love how she sticks up for herself and Richard’s decision of making her his healthcare proxy to Catherine. She is his family (which I love how Ellen delivers that line.) Webber wakes up, and how Meredith just looks at him and says hi, shows that they are indeed family.


We didn’t have too many MerDer scenes, which I don’t mind for this premiere. They are in a good place, have a new adorable baby boy and sweet daughter. Mer had a surprise with the Webber putting her as his next of kin, and Derek had to deal with Brooks’ death, but other than that, they were just cute, sweet and stable. The promo, on the other hand, shows them dealing with a newborn and not being able to work, so there are definitely more MerDer scenes coming in our future.

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Love n Grey

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  1. Enjoyed reading your review.

  2. Thanks so much for your review.

    No, we didn’t get a lot of MerDer face time together. But, what we did get was perfect. It’s not just about hot sex with them. They are very sweet and very tender with each other. Kissing your partner on the forehead is actually one of the most romantic kisses you can give. I thought about it, we don’t get a lot of MerDer together face time in premiers. We get a lot for finales, but, not a lot for season premiers.

    When Derek came straight to Meredith’s room right after Brooks died because he needed to see her and their son. Awww. And watching him hold Bailey. McDreamy 2.0. Derek now knows what it’s like to be McDreamied. And Meredith watching them. She was in total wife mode with Derek. She sort of had to shake herself out of watching her two McDreamy’s. Then she went into full on mom mode and gently told Derek what he had to do. He did what she told him to with his own take. To the interns, when Brooks mother arrives, tell her stories about Brooks. She’s going to want to know that she was surrounded by friends.

    When they were all in Mer’s room and Meredith is all, “I had a baby, I’m not dead.” The look on both DerTina’s faces. It’s like, guys, do you not know your person? This is Meredith Grey. The woman that remains eerily calm during a crisis. Quit looking at her like she has two heads. And Christina taking pics of Bailey holding Bailey. Chris may not want kids and she may not have much use for strangers kids. But, she is so good with her friends children. When they were wheeling Bailey out of Meredith’s room. Christina’s “Hey, Bailey!” And Christina was so good with Sofia.

    Enough can not be said for kick ass Sheppard. And he showed Ross by his words why you have to be hard core to be a Neuro Surgeon. Not everyone has what it takes. And he was never sure of Ross the entire episode. He wanted Brooks, period. And in the O.R., having to continue to make sure if Ross was handling it and Ross still freaking out. When Brooks went South, who did Derek ask for? Owen. Not that I think for a moment, that any of the interns could have stepped up, they don’t have the experience, but, the fact that Derek didn’t trust Ross enough to even let him handle an instrument. Says all there is to say. If Meredith had been operating, I have no problem with Derek asking for her. They worked together for years. And Derek knew Meredith would have become a kick ass Neuro Surgeon.

    The MerLexTina scenes. Can’t get enough of these. They’re so great together. Always have been. The joking about if Richard was really Meredith’s father. Alex, “He banged your mother enough.” “That’s what they told you.”

    I love the expressions on Alex’s face whenever he’s having a conversation with the Twisted Sisters. He gets them. They get him.

    Meredith and Christina. You know there were only two people on the bed with Meredith. Derek and Christina. Meredith to Christina, “Shut it.” And “What happened to your hair?” Christina also gives great face. And when her best friend asks her to go and stay the night at her house and look after her husband and baby girl because Derek is wiped out and Zola needs special attention. Christina goes happily. Who would have thought 10 years ago, hell, even five years ago that Derek and Christina would be hanging out at MerDer’s house with their child without Mer? That scene just showed how truly far they’ve all come. Like, they hang out together all of the time, which they do. Hell, Christina even emptied the dishwasher. But, she doesn’t do dinner. Callie does. Mac and Cheese. LOL.

    Meredith showing her compassion and friendship to both Callie and Arizona. Both are Sofia’s mother. And Sofia and Callie needed a safe place to rest their heads. But, Arizona had a right to know where her daughter was.

    When Derek gets home and Callie’s a hot mess on their sofa. Dude, your wife that just had your baby and major abdominal surgery text you five times and you don’t read one of them? I know that they were both fine when you left them, but, you do realize who you just left. The woman that shit happens too, all of the time.

    Derek and Callie, I love their friendship. That exchange. Derek gives the best WTF side way looks. Last year, I said that Derek had a harem. Not in a bad way. But, he was surrounded by women. Mer, Chris, Callie and Arizona. He got to hang out with four of the biggest bad ass surgeons at Grey Sloan, they all happened to be women. This year is starting out the same.

    He was so funny and charming on the porch with Zola and Sofia. “Look at the stars in the sky.” Emotionally wiped out when Arizona came to see if it was OK to see Sofia. Go Christina.

    And yep, Bailey is officially McDreamy 2.0. Pretty much every got McDreamied. Mer, Der, Bailey, Alex, Callie and Arizona.

    Loved the scenes with Bailey 1.0 and Meredith. Meredith’s unfailing faith in her. She’s always had it.

    Meredith telling Catherine to step up off. Christina and Bailey going, yeah.

    And the final scene with Richard’s VO. “I was wrong about a lot of things. But, I wasn’t wrong about this.” Starring right at Meredith. No you weren’t. Welcome to the Grey Sheppard family, Richard.

    Sorry for the long ass post.

    • @Dawn, Interesting thought about Der’s hareem. But he’s been well trained to cope due to having four sisters!
      I wonder if Grey’s Anatomy will be back in 25 years with Zola, Sophia and Mc Dreamy 2.0 as interns? :)