10×04 “Puttin’ On A Ritz” Music

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Hey guys!

Here’s the music from the 200th episode!

Original Air-Date: 10/10/2013

Muppets Theme Voiceover (Lyrics)
Scene Description: Lyrics spoken without Melody in a voice over. Derek has little Bailey in a Baby Bjorn over his tux. Zola plays nearby the floor.

Boom Ha feat. Shad K Smalltown Romeo
Scene Description: Jackson walks onto the red carpet. Owen falls in step. Donors arrive…

What You Want Impirio & Cru
Scene Description: The ER is full of patients and nurses on the move. Leah asks Steph, then Shane to trade assignments…

Come Together Spaceman Feat. Suspence
Scene Description: Arizona enters the gala and sees Callie talking to a donor…

Neon Queen of Hearts
Scene Description: Alex eats shrimp. Jo grabs him and tells him he needs to talk to the donors. He passes Jackson who tries to stop him from leaving…

Strobes Pt. 2 Lemaitre
Scene Description: Derek holds baby Bailey with a group of lady donors surrounding him. Mer accuses Derek of using the baby to do his dirty work…

Falling Polly Scattergood
Scene Description: Owen watches Emma chat with donors. Emma admits to Owen she’s trying to get donations for Seattle Pres.

Hold Yourself Up Polyphonic Spree
Scene Description: Bailey enters the room to find Richard struggling with an orderly who is trying to keep him from taking off his C-pap mask.

Poppin Bottles Skully Boyz
Scene Description: Orderlies roll Gene in Richard’s room, followed by Bailey with some brochures in hand…

Future Days Pearl Jam
Scene Description: Richard watches Gene flip through brochures. Bailey watches Richard from the nurses station…

This Is It / Overture (Bugs Bunny Theme) Voiceover (Lyrics)
Scene Description: Lyrics are spoken without Melody in a voice over “On with the show, this is it”…The end of the show comes to a wrap.

Source|ABC Music Lounge

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