“It’s time to put on makeup; it’s time to dress up right.  It’s time to get things started on the Muppet Show to… crap.”

Best Intro. Monologue. Ever!  I mean, who else can pull off quoting The Muppet Show on one of television’s most popular medical drama series of all time??  Meredith Grey can, or rather Grey’s writer Austin Guzman, who proved to be nothing short of a genius by writing this series’ fabulously accomplished 200th episode.  And with that… let’s get this party started!

Meredith and Derek look beyond amazing in their respective gown and tux and I can’t help flashing back to how good they looked in “Losing My Religion” when the doctors threw Richard’s niece a prom back in season 2, episode 27.  It’s an all-out competition, per the usual with most of the doctors at Grey-Sloan Memorial, to see who can raise the most money at the gala put on by the hospital in an attempt to raise funds and cover the costs of damage done by the super storm.  True to form, Mer and Der are not about to let the other “win”, especially when they already have a competition at home to see who can better parent their two children.  This so-called competition, by the way, is prompted by the fact that both of them are on maternity/paternity leave, bored out of their minds and dying for any excuse they can get to get back to the OR!  Fear not Shepherds… an opportunity arises later in the evening that gets them both back in the same OR and even gets them reminiscing over said prom mentioned above!

Initially, the gala was intended to be a serious, conservative event geared towards seriously rich people that would donate money to the hospital.  Things take a turn when the doctors arrive to find a Vegas-inspired atmosphere with fire breathers, tightrope balancers, and aerialists dangling from the ceilings!

Before heading to the gala, a trauma patient arrives at the ER that strikes a familiar nerve with Alex.  So much so, that he can’t shake it.  The entire night, in fact.  As a result, he neglects Jo as his date for the evening; forcing her to make conversation with the people HE should be impressing.  Turns out, Alex gets a feeling that the junky-turned-patient has close ties with him and the only way to prove that is taking a blood test.  A paternity blood test.  When Jo catches him in the act, she’s thrown off at first but after she hears Alex’s story, she decides to help him get the answer he needs to hear.  Later, test results confirm the junky is Alex’s dad and with that, Alex has to decide if or how he wants to handle facing the man he refused to ever see again.

The doctors work their charm throughout the evening but in more ways than one, it backfires on them.  Callie runs into a potential donor that expresses his condolences on the news of her wife’s passing in the airplane crash and after a heartfelt glance from Arizona from across the room followed by a quick disappearance on her part, Callie agrees her death was very hard to handle, neglecting to correct the donor of his affirmation.  Naturally, this goes south quickly for Callie and spirals into a mess of awkward conversations with donors about their deceased husbands and professed love for their pet cats. Eesh.

In an attempt to help Jackson alleviate the ridiculousness that has become of the gala, April heads back to the hospital to retrieve cooling blankets that will, erm, uh, help keep the drinks chilled due to lack of ice?  Upon entering the supply closet, she finds a distressed and tearful Arizona, hiding from the gala and more importantly, Callie.  After returning to the gala, April overhears Callie telling the donors of Arizona’s death and in turn, April snatches a few bottles of champagne and heads back to keep Arizona company.  Little did any of the viewer’s know, this pairing would be the comedic highlight of the night?  After several glasses of champagne, April and Arizona share a drunken, yet insightful conversation that gives both of them a chance to express their feelings in a very present way. Not to mention, Arizona’s “are we talking about Matthew…. Or Jesus?” and April’s, “can I try on your leg?” lines were the funniest and by far, most memorable moments of the episode!

It’s never a party until someone breaks a limb.  Or falls like one.  Orrrrr both in this case.  One of the aerialists’ falls from the ceiling and in an effort to break her fall, the party planner takes a dive beneath the woman plummeting to the floor.   As the doctors scramble to save the injured party-goers, the donors see how well-oiled they are at their jobs.  In fact, Jackson even goes so far as to invite the donors back to the hospital to see the doctors in action!

Although still a little reluctant to the idea of dating other people, with a little push from Cristina to work his charming magic, Owen strikes up a conversation with a woman that shows interest in him.  Emma, a doctor at Seattle Presbyterian, makes nice with Owen throughout the evening and a slightly jealous Cristina takes note of the woman’s intentions.  While Cristina herself throws out some serious charming moves of her own, she also manages to reel in a donor who thinks his sizeable donation will get him an extra something’, something with Yang.  Au contraire, dude.  You’ve just been owned!  Owen, though, makes a deeper connection with Emma and towards the end of the episode when Cristina invites Owen for a drink at Joe’s, Emma walks in hoping to continue her evening of getting to know him a bit better.  Cristina sees the connection they have and as difficult as one would expect, she swallows her feelings and leaves them to continue their night.

Meanwhile back at the hospital, chaos breaks loose in the ER of which the newly branded interns are now in charge of while the Attending’s are at the gala.  Stephanie, uncaused and disappointed that Jackson neglected to invite her to the gala, and Shane are left to rule the roost but midway through the evening, it’s become clear they’ve bitten off a little more than they can chew.  A panicked Stephanie wants to call the Attending’s for back up but with a little extra coaxing from Shane to push through and be the rock star he knows she can be, Stephanie takes charge of the ER like a boss!  She’s not the only boss though.  Shane pulls ahead by calling the shots on a patient that needs surgery and ends up in the OR with Cristina who commends him on his take-charge, shark-like technique.  Later in a fit of pure adrenaline surges, Shane runs into Stephanie to talk about the crazy night they had and BAM, Shane plants one on her.  As we know, timing is everything and mid-kiss, Jackson walks in and catches them in the smooch fest. Later, Stephanie searches for Jackson and finds him back at the gala to explain what he walked in on.  After chatting it out, they both realize communication is key in every relationship, playing mind games is not and they seal the deal with a steamy kiss.

Bailey stays back at the hospital to keep watch over Richard who continues to refuse any method of treatment.  In fact, he and Bailey get into quite the scuffle when he refuses breathing treatments from Bailey and pushes her away in frustration.  Meanwhile, another of Bailey’s patients is dying of cancer but refuses to let it take him down.  His ambition to survive and beat the disease inspires Bailey to use a form of trickery on Richard and make him realize there is a fight worth fighting.  Gene’s ornery matter-of-fact attitude makes Richard see what stakes he’s up against and as a result, he decides to push through and proceed with his breathing treatments as Bailey ordered.  Finally, we’re starting to get somewhere with this man!

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  1. I loved this episode from the opening VO. LOL. To all things MerDer. Loved the remembering of the prom. Always knew that neither was sorry that it happened, just the circumstances. This just sealed it as they remembered it with such fondness. They were in surgery together! The last scene of them entering the ER together. Tag team.

    I felt for both Callie and Arizona. They didn’t have more than that one scene. But, it was heartbreaking to see the look on Callie’s face. I think it finally hit Arizona. Sorry isn’t going to cut it. And then Callie goes on to do something inappropriate without realizing it was so until she spoke to the widow. And then calling what she did, gross.

    Arizona. Can’t be mad at her. Jessica Capshaw. Loved Arizona and April. Drunk. They had the two best lines in the entire episode. Hope to see more of these two and it’s the first time I’ve really ever enjoyed April. I usually find her whiny and annoying.

    Owen and Christina. Be careful what you wish for Christina. You might get it. The look on Christina’s face when Emma showed up at the hospital and she realized by Owen’s reaction that he wasn’t actually sorry she showed up. I like the actress that is playing Emma. So, we’ll see. My heart does go out to the Crowen fans. And hopefully, what ever way this goes, is in true form to the characters of Owen and Christina. Sandra is leaving, so give them both a good send off/goodbye for their years together.

    I’m getting tired of the interns being shoved in my face. What have they done that warranted their “rock star” behavior? We’ve seen nothing of it, prior to it. So far, Leah, is the only one I’m liking just a little. She’s not being rammed down my throat, yet. And they had her have a connection to Mark, for a reason. The jury is still out on Jo, but, Justin seems to love working with Camilla and if Alex can finally find some lasting happiness, I’m all for it.

    Thanks for the great review.